Wednesday, April 30, 2008


I did a wamr up with the guys with some bells, jogged a lap, did some snatches, worked on the side press (which i still cant do). Then everyone had to bail except Fran so I had Fran come inside and try the first half of Newport. We did rounds 1-4. I did all of the ab work on the rounds and I did a good deal of the excercises but substituted a lot too. I really used it as a timer format to do other things. I did the swings when they popped up and I did the matrix and the planks. But I substituted slingshots and push ups for most everything else. My little room turned into a sauna in there, especially with 2 people going. So i sweated my ass off and got a good session in.

The first 4 rounds destroyed Fran. In his defense he was tired before hand and said he wasn't ready for the intensity- but he liked it.

Today is Newport again as a whole OR I might go to that MMA gym tonite, in which case, I will do Newport tomorrow.

#0 - for 1 day I have to make it through today.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

It's Official

I am going on record right now. No more smoking. Period. Just the way its going to have to be. I am limiting myself with a self-medicating behaviour that doesn't evne really work. Fuck it. I am done with it.

Drop me reminders every now and then and ask me how I am doing. Each post from now on will have a # at the bottom. That # will represent how long it has been since I have had a cigarette. If u see that # drop back to 0. Yell at me and berate me.

Monday blues

Didn't like yesterday all that much BUT I did like that I did Newport again. Fuck that work out is hard and on the DVD Anthony D just cranks it out. That guy is a fucking machine. Not sure what I'm doing today with the crew but I do know that I have another date with Newport on Wed afternoon. I am keeping with my goal of 3 days a week on it- M, W, & Sat.

I am sore today.

Sunday, April 27, 2008


Saturday I did Newport for the first time since I left for the cruise. It was awesome. I made it all the way through. I did substitute straight MP's for the sots press b/c I can hardly sots press when I am fresh. By the time it shows up in Newport I am smoked. I took some breaks here and there too but I got it done.

I am going back to doing this 3 days a week (which I never actually got to originally)- M, W, & Sat's will be Newport time.

I'm glad I got it done because I am now working today and my time with my client will probably make me miss the conditioning class so yay for Saturday's work. No lazy weekend for me.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Thursday happens late

Work popped up so I didn't get to work out untila bout 7:30.

I did C&P ladders with the 24KG. That thimg is heavy for me on my left side. I did 3 ladders with 2 rungs each b/c thats what I can barely do on my left side. I am building that power up.

In between ladders I did 3 rounds of 10-8-6-4-2 twist crunches a-la-Newport, then push up variations (regular, diamond, offset right, & offset left), and then russian twists with the 24KG.

Then I did a small swing ladder with the 24KG. 20-10-5-5-10-20 and 3sets of 10 to finish off done super fast Tracy-Rif-stlye with 5 second breaks between each set fo 10 for a total of 100 swings.

Today is rest. Tomorrow is some kind of cardio and Sunday is that brutal conditioning class again.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Getting to the core of the matter..

Old school circuit tonite. All core with the 24KG.

4 rounds of the following.

5 Renegade rows

4 windmills L/R


30 yard Farmer's walk with 2 24KGs.

My TGU #ers sucked BUT I'm working abck in and I wasnt so strong with teh 24KGs to begin with so fuck it. The workout felt great. My core feels smoked. Bring this shit on, tomorrow is gonna be more of the same.

Getting serious. Fuck this shit. I am a champ and this fucking fight is going to a decision. I am not hitting the mat. I am not quitting. FTW!


Yesterday was HOC. 1 lap warm up.

Then 10 double MP's w/ 20KGs, 5 pull ups, jog to 40" box jumps for sets of 5, jog to 20 pushups, jog back to bells.

Second round on bells 4 windmills L/R w/ 24KG, 5 hanging leg raises on monkey bars, jog to box jumps, jog to pushups, jog to bells.

Third round on bells 10 MP's w/ double 20KGs, 5 pull ups, jog to 40" box jumps, jog to pushups, jog to bells.


It was first hot day of the year and this hurt me. I need to get back in shape I was in 2 months ago. I am on my way there. I am doing it everyday so I can be happy about that.

My back is finally loosening up some from Sunday's dead lift wrecking. The bells and HOC yesterday helped out a lot on the front.

I have a meeting tonite at 6:30. When I get home I want to do some heavy bell core work- renegade rows, TGU's, windmills, and maybe some farmer's carries. We shall see.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Last night my back was too sore to really do anything. I went on a walk with the wife and the dogs and then did a few swings to try adn loosen up. It MIGHT have worked a little. I still feel really tight today so I will be doing something this afternoon, I am just not sure what.

Monday, April 21, 2008


So yeah, I might have done all those dead lifts but this morning is bad. My ass, hamstrings, and lower back are so sore. My lower back is wrecked. I am going to have to go and get some icyhot at lunch. It isn't injured, it is just really really sore and tight. Yeah. Thats what I get for getting 100% awesome on a Sunday. At the same time though, it was totally worth it. I don't know what I'm going to do today. My lower back is so sore I might have to lay off of it.

Sunday, April 20, 2008


I went to the conditioning class at that MMA gym. It was awesome. Did a crossfit WOD called "SAMMY"- 185lb dead lifts (scaled down for me to 135), 33" box jumps, and 70lb KB swings sets of 21, 15, 9, done for time. I did it in 10:15. I was trying really hard to get a sub 10min time but I couldn't do it. The box jumps fucked me up. So hard after the dead lifts.

I have never done high rep DL's like that and I am happy to say I ate them alive. I cranked those out no problem and the swings were like an active rest. Sheesh. 21 was the most we did and the 9, even though it was the very last part of the workout was butter compared to 300swings in 12 min. But the box jumps though- wow.

I felt so good when I was done. Like I exorcised some devils from my mind. Most certainly the best $10 I could have spent today.

After the WOD we played "rage ball" where everyone stands in a circle and plays think-fast-hot-potato with a bunch of 20+lb medicine balls for about 10 min straight. That was a lot of fun but it got old fast. My little arms got really tired.

That's what I've got.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Running the hill...

Yesterday, Thursday, I went and met the guys at the hill on Allen Parkway- HOLY SHIT.

That was so hard. We ran sets of 4. Up and down counted as 1. So 4 times, 1 min rest, 4 times, 2 min rest, 4 times, 40 sec rest, 3 times 40 sec rest, 2 times 20 sec rest, 1 time up at an all out sprint.

I have to say if I would have been by myself I know I would not have done this much. After the first set I thought I was going to die and I might not be able to do more. Obviously that was not correct. My friends pushed me and not only did I hang in there. I came really close to ebing the first to finish each set. It was a total head-fuck getting through all of that and that last sprintup felt so good! I was screaming the whole way. I lost my mind a little bit, seriously.

By the end I was heaving breath and my legs were just jello. I can still feel it right now. I felt good about that workout. I am taking it easy today and tomorrow I might do some KB core work, nothing serious. And Sunday I am going to a group conditioning class that is supposed to be BRUTAL. We shall see.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

I went to that MMA gym. It was Muy Thai night. I had fun. I did some rolling before the class started to warm up. I havent grappled in forever so that was fun and I forgot how hard it can be. I seriously sucked. On hte muy thai stuff though, I did pretty well picking it up minus the fact that I am really heavy on my feet and we fought with gloves on which I am not used to. Where I use to train we didn't use gloves. The gloves are big and fuck me up a little. I did manage to be the only one to really pull off the spinning kick he showed us- that was exciting. I want to go back and train there but I have no money to do so... I am not sure how I am going to work that out but I plan on trying to find a way.

I didn't go to the gym b/c my friend told me I would need everything for the class as it is usually really brutal. I took his advice and of course, last night was SUPER light b/c it was all new people so we only worked techniqie mostly. LAME. I am going to run at the hill today and want to get some weights in the weight room going before the hill. If I can't after I run the hill I am going to do some KB's when I get home. TGU's, windmills, renegade rows.. just run through them in a small circuit and go heavy.

That's what I've got. Also, I am still sore from Mon and Tuesday. Really sore.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008


HOC happened yesterday. 4 laps. After not working out for 3-4 weeks, the HOC killed me.

We did pullups, jog to box jumps, jog to push ups, jog to kettlebells. At the kettlebells I did windmills, then next lap were man-makers (with double bells, clean, squat, press, to ground renegade row R, L, then pushup counts as 1 rep), and then next lap more windmills.

The last lap was just running somewhere between a fast jog and sprint.

Then I was done.

I am sore sore sore from Monday in the gym. I am going bac this afternoon for heavy leg work and heavy rows. Then off to the MMA gym to check it out.

The good news is I am meating more. Apprently working out makes you hungry.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

This is how it SHOULD look...

This guys is a MONSTER. I mean yeah he is like 20x my size BUT he gets the 1100lb tire done. This is what it SHOULD look like.

When I can do this I will be born again hard.

Back on Track

So yesterday I started my new plan. I went to the gym-gym (lame) at 4PM for a circuit of deadlifts and bench presses. I didn't go super heavy (which is my long term goal) but I went heavy enough to feel it in the bench. I did a 45lb plate on each side of the bar for bot the DL's and the BP's. I did 5 rounds of 5 reps alternating between each with about 5-30 seconds rest between each set. Cranked it out in about 17 minutes.

Then I went home and met the guys at the park to work on the 1000lb tire challenge. The goal is to be able to do it from the ground, unassisted. That's gonna be hard and take a long time. I got it up with less blocks of wood under it than last time but I did that with Jonathans help. I did about 10 warm up flips on the 550lber. Then I went at it as show in the video by myself, didn't happen. Then I went at as shown in video, got it done with the assist. Then I did it with more blocks under it and I got it up on my own but couldn't transition it to get it above my hips. That transition is a BITCH!

Either way I am back and today is field conditioning day. Then tomorrow will be heavy squats, leg presses and rows. Then tomorrow nite I am going to check out this MMA gym where my friend Jason trains. The Ju Jit Su I am doing is awesome and traditional and I respect it but I need something more full contact at the moment. So tomorrow I go find out what that's all about.

Monday, April 14, 2008


This weekend I did a small, heavy snatch workout. Today I am changing my routine. Mondays and Wednesdays I will be in a weight room splitting between heavy bench presses and dead lifts and then heavy rows, leg presses and squats. Tuesdays and Thursdays will be bells and "field" conditioning.

This whole not-working-out thing has come to its end. I have to start eating more and working out again. I have lost 5+ pounds over the last 3 weeks and I am starting emergency maneuvers to get my shit together and take a part of my life back.

Fuck this shit.

Friday, April 11, 2008


Was not great either. I bailed on sprints.

I have to stop this. I am getting back into workout routine next week.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Wed Night...

Did not go well. No good decisions. No working out. Very little sleep.

Today I am running srpints at the hill at 5:30PM.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

easing onto my knee...

last nite i went to ju jit su and hte conditioning class before hand. i took it easy b/c of hte knee so i only did 3 of hte 5 circuits.

2 min wall climbers,
20 3 way crunches
20 supermans
10 medball thrusters
20 assorted pushups (5 reg, 5 diamond, 5 stacked left, 5 stacked right)

then in class i took it REAL easy. practiced my fallas nad rolls and a few techniques. all very slowly. my knee feels almost better today.

i cut out of class early to go to dinner at a friends house. actually had a great time which was a ncie change of pace.

i picked up smoking again during this crazyness and i stopped again as of last Satuday morning. i haven't had a cigarette since. in all honesty it's killing me but no more smoking for me. i'm putting it out there on here for another layer of accountability.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Knee is...

fucked. No workout yesterday. Going to try going to martial arts tonite and the conditioning class before hand. We'll see how that goes.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Saturday and Sunday

Saturday AM I went to Ju Jit Su again. Got a little sweaty.

Sunday I went on a bike ride with friends. We drove out to some country roads that were actually very hilly. After the first 27miles, my bad knee did not like this. I had to walk and hitch a ride back to truck, I could not ride back. Today it is stiff, sore and very angry at me. I will not be working out for the next few days b/c of it.

BOOOO. The first part of the ride was great though.

Friday, April 4, 2008

Thursday on the field...

Everyone was in full effect so we got busy and did horses but this time we did them with farmers carries...
Sprint 30 yards out to pair of 20KG's, pick up and sprint 30 yards back (as much of sprint as possible) then sprint out 60 yards to pair of 24KG's pick up and sprint 60 yards back (as much as possible carrying that weight).

We did about 4 of these. Then we did spring 30 yards to 20KG's. 6 double C&P, sprint back sprint 60 yards to 24KG's 6 double rows, sprint back to 10 push ups.

Then we did 3-5 man makers with double 20KG's and it was a day.

Those horses+farmer's carries were bad bad bad. Really taxed my stabilizing muscles and my quads, oh and my lungs. I highly recommend them.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Wed Nite

Did my medium day pressing w/ the 24KG- 3 ladders with 2 rungs each. Then went on a 2mile run with the wife. Really pushed the last 3/4 of a mile.

Today I am working out with the guys on the field.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Getting it out..

Last nite I went to Ju Jit Su (used to be Vee Jit Su, now seems more traditionally focused)and I did the conditioning class beforehand.

I haven't been able to eat lately. I have to force food into my mouth and the entire experience is not enjoyable. I have to fight off nausea the whole time- fucking nerves. That being said, I didn't eat that much yesterday. Burning all of those calories in the conditioning class was interesting. I got kind of loopy towards the end of the actual Ju Jit Su portion of things.

In the conditioning class we did 3 rounds of
2 min mountain climbers
1 wall climbers (high stepping with hands on wall)
100 calf raises
20 3-way crunches (L,R,&Middle make 1)
20 special push ups (facing partner, push up, shake right hands, push up shake left hands, that's 1)

then we did some holding wall squats.

then we did sprints down end of gym and back counted as one and we alternated between push ups and crunches at end of each down&back sprint. we could choose our own rep # so I did 10 push ups & 20 crunches each time.m we did this for a total of 10 rounds but it was non-stop, there were no breaks. I wound up going for 11 or 12 rounds, cant remember but I really wanted to push myself and I did. When I was finished I was lying on my back, not being able to breath and my heart thundering in my chest. It was exciting b/c while I was doing it my mind was elsewhere. I was free.

I got up to Ju Jit Su after that and ran through some basics for 2 hours. That was good too. The whole time I didn't think about anything except the technique I was supposed to be working on. The freedom in that was priceless. Also when I got home I was physically wrecked. I ate a sandwich and collapsed. I wasn't instantly happy BUT I had no physical signs of stress that have been killing me- shortness of breath, tight chest, nausea, all-over body tension etc.

I am going to have to do that to myself again today on my own. At the very least today is medium pressing day. There might be some snatches in my future too- of the high repetition genre. We shall see.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Monday Madness

Crazy day. Lots of ups and downs. Got home at 6:15 and guys were almost done working out. I warmed up w/ a few 550lb tire flips and then worked in to the 1000lb tire challenge we have started.

The goal is to flip the 1000lb-er unassisted. We are working up this by using assorted color-coded blocks of wood for varying degrees of lift off of the ground- with the red and blue blocks in place (so about 1.5-2ft off of the ground) I could lift the tire but I couldn't make the transition happen. I kept getting stuck. I did this four times and after that I felt smoked.

Then I started my heavy pressing day with the 24KG (exciting) and got 3 sets of 3. So out of my mind that I forgot that they were supposed to be LADDERS so I basically did 1 ladder with 3 rungs. I am using that as my base for the week and will correct it next week.

Tonite I go back to martial arts to try and do something constructive with my nerves and worrying. Wish me luck and please, if you're a praying type of person- pray for me.