Sunday, March 30, 2008


Tom Healy and Charley Allen came over and we got busy outside. I introduced them to the "W" workout. Charley had to abstain due to his recent knee surgery but Tom was pretty into it. We did 3 rounds of it.
20 swings
20 pushups
1 tire flip
10 burpees+10 deck squats
10 snatches (3rd round we did 20 snatches)

I really pushed myself the 3rd round and got dizzy and ruined. It was good for me. Made me feel alive and a littl bit better. Going on a jog now with the wife. Going run until I cry and try and gain that peace again.

Side note- Charley brought his AKC bells and I really, really LIKED THEM. I want some now.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Thursday was....

a little better but not by much. I did work out though on the field. Tire circuits with the 550lb-er doing...

5 flips, 7 chest passes, 7 standing passes, 7 deep squat catches, quick paced job .32 miles.

Repeated this twice then did 2 sets of horses. Then I almost threw up. Still can't tell if its nerves or sickness. Maybe both. But I made myself eat food today at lunch and dinner and I am REALLY excited about the KB meet up Saturday.. so yay for both of those.


I did nothing. Aside from being a wreck of nerves, I think I am also getting sick w/ something. I can't tell if it is nerves or sickness but just to be sure, I didn't work out. I might do something today if I feel up to it or I might take it easy again.

Regardless, Saturday is still on @ 10:30AM at the park for the Houston regional KB meet up SOOOOO I want to save my energy for that. It'll be a great time and I am looking forward to it to take my mind off of life at the moment.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Fucking sucked. Terrible day. Got hit with major life issues that sent me into panic attacks and sucked my will to live. Tried to work out- wasn't happening. I mean, it did happen, but it lacked gusto so to speak. We did a 6 station "W" work out that looked like the pic on the left. We did 45 seconds a station and included running to next station in the 45 seconds. I did this through 4 times. I was lacking the hustle to get really serious numbers in... 12 snatches total each time, 30 push ups, 5-7 burpee-to-deck-squat combos, 2 tire flips, 20-25 swings, 4 pull ups- that was about the avg each time through. Not good. But I did it.

Afterwards I went on a 2 mile-and-change run to clear my head some. Helped. Did much better on the run than the "W" work out. I am doing medium pressing today and probably running some more.

Just need to keep my head up.

Monday, March 24, 2008


So tonite I got it done. 5 ladders with 5 rungs each with the 20KG on heavy pressing day! BANG! I have the rest of the week to do (5 ladders w/ 4 rungs on medium day and then 5 ladders with 3 rungs on light day) BUT next week I am movin on up to the 24KG and I start the ladders all over. I expect progress to go a little slower in that I do not expect to get to 5-5 in 5 weeks BUT by end of summer I WILL be on my pressing routine with the 28KG which will be awesome!

Heavy pressing day was all I did today. I worked on analyzing my squat form for about 30 min and have figured out that it IS what has jacked up my back. It needs work. Somewhere I got lazy and I do not have the flexibility or balance or both and the heavy repetition on the DVD's has brought out that weakness. I am going to let it rest some and really focus on my upper body (pressing etc does not bother it) and once it has recovered it is back and hamstring and ankle flexibility time and I will work my up to being able to squat safely and effectively. Yay me.


Ok Houston Area & TX Regional Kettlebellers! It IS GOING DOWN THIS SATURDAY MARCH 29th. I just got back in to town to notice this had been finalized so I apologize for the late notice. See below...

"Mark your calendars for Saturday, March 29, 2008 at 10:30 AM for a kettlebell gathering in the Heights. I will bring some comp style bells and a weighted vest. The host has some bells and a large tire. Bring your bells and join us. The location is Lawrence Park @ 7.5th and Lawrence. For an address for mapquest purposes, use 728 Lawrence St, 77007. From Shepherd/Durham and I-10 go, north on Shepherd to 11th Street. Take a right on 11th Street, go down 3-4 blocks to Lawrence, make a right on Lawrence st, and go down to where Lawrence dead ends after 8th Street. The park is right in front."
There is a covered area so we are covered (so to speak) in case of a rain issue. Drop what you are doing on come on down. For more details, drop me a line.

Come and get in on some awesomeness. Hope to see yall there.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Survivng a week at sea...

So the cruise was fun. I did not eat as badly as i thought- being vegetarian has its perks that way. But b-fast and lunch were pretty emdiocre so I was definately not getting all the calories I needed. I did a TON of walking around where we stopped. Like 6-10 miles a day which, being from Houston, is like marathon-esque numbers.

The gym was fun because of 1) the concept 2 rower & 2) the sauna. I hit both every day. Either HIIT training on the rower at max resistance, tabata sets, or 20 min endurance with 3 min medium pace, 1 min strong pace, 1 min max effort at level 6 resistance. I did one day of pressing ladders with the dumbells-they felt weird. Definately different than the KB. I did some body wieght stuff here and there but nothing too serious. People DO look at you like a mutant from planet X when you start doing burpees in a gymn- also being covered in tattoos, shirtless, and rowing like a possessed mad-man while silently mouthing very fast and angry songs to yourself probably doesnt help either. Everyone else in the gym was on vacation- I was on a mission. I only worked out 3 days this week but I did 5 days in the sauna- the sauna is bad ass and I want one now.

Tomorrow it is back to the bells and I AM READY! I am going to take it slow on my back and see what happens but regardless- it is good to be home and back to my favorite toys and places to work out.

Asa side note- I have decided that I really, really do not like traditional gyms or in fact, most of the people who inhabit them. I think it comes from not being a very jock type of guy as a kid. Not being a huge slab of beef, to this day, still brings back that feeling of being mean-mugged and measured short by dudes with no necks who do not shake me in the least- at least that's my conclusion of the moment. I also do not like how there are mirrors everywhere. I am in the gym for self-destruction and via that self-destruction- hopefully some elightenment about myself. I am not trying to get some "Swole delts" or some "ripped-bis". I could give a FUCK less. That's what my anti-gym diatribe boils down to and as one of my only options on the ship, I sucked it up and got it done.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Fucking Owned

So I did something to my back when I did Providence Wed.. I dont know what. My form was off somewhere. It is sore sore sore and tight. I am really pissed about this.

I tried to work out yesterday on the field. Did a 1/3 mile warm up lap. Did some tire passing up high (core work) and on knees (chest and shoulder work). Then did a wheel of destruction (hitting each tread on tire w/ 18lb sledge going one way on one side, then switch to other side and go around tire again). Then ran some horses (ick).

Then we did tabata sets with the sledge. I got halfway through mine (2 min in) and my back said STOP! It is still tight today.

I am thinking that it is either my swing form or my squats. I have decided my squat form sucks donkey balls and is in need of some serious correction. I will be visiting someone to look into this issue. I leave at the ass crack of dawn on Sunday for a 7 day cruise. There is a gym on the boat. I will be exercising every day so as to keep the massive alcoholic-caloric intake at bay. Think the Battle of Helm's Deep from the Two Towers.

Even at the boat-gym, its going to be all cardio and body wieght. Maybe some leg presses. I need to give my back time to be happy with me again.


Thursday, March 13, 2008

Getting it done...

I got home from work at 7:15. I really didn't want to work out and while I was leaving the office I was resigning myself that it wasn't going to happen.

Got home and wife was jogging so I decided to go ride my bike and find her. Rode hard to where she was, rode with her while she jogged and rode hard home. That was enough to get me going. I pulled out Providence and got to work. This time I went down in weight and used the 16KG. That being said- I basically got everything done as prescribed minus the 1LDL's, the triple crush (i used a SMALL WEIGHT)and I took a time out in the damn flip/squat, that drill kills me. I even did the 3min snatch test at the end. I got 2.5 min through it. I took a 30 sec break 2min into it and finished the last 30 sec.

Overall, even though I went down in weight, my near completion feels like progress so I am happy with that. I am also happy I didn't let my complacency get the best of me and I got my body moving when it wanted to just sit there.

I kept telling myself during rounds- "It's only pain..." & that's all that it is really. Once I can accept that and look it in the face, quitting becomes harder.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Fields of Fire

Yesterday (with a vistor, Kris)

1 warm up lap

1 lap w/ 10 burpees, 20 push ups, 10,8,6,4,2 crunch twists, 5 pull ups

then 60 yard horses (suicides), 35 yards komodo walks, 35 yards duck walks

then SPRINT entire last lap. that made me not happy.

today is Providence time.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Newport- 1st time all the way through

Used the 16KG. Probably did 70% of the workout- maybe 80%. Def 80% scratch the 70% figure. Even then. FUCK. I straight up could NOT do the sots press (I have severe emnity for that exerecise, I have very poor ankle flexibility and I need to work on it- I can barely sots press when I am fully gassed) or the hot potato. Everything else I did. I just did not do all of as prescribed. Had to take 5-15 sec breaks here and there though almost all of it.

The ab rounds at the end of each set really start to take their toll. I tihnk I like this more than providence. I feel like it works my whole body more. I feel all hot and spacy all throughout my body after having done this. I will be doing Providence Wed. Tomorrow, HITT cardio w/ sprints. No BW exercises.

This Weekend...

Friday was off day. Saturday was prescribed but I didn't do anything. Hung out with wife all morning and then went to a bachelor party all afternoon and night.

Sunday I fel antsy like I had to do something so I made up a little workout that got pretty ugly.

Alternating descending/ascending ladders on deck squats and burpees

10DS/1B - 1DS/10B.

This was hard. Did it in about 12 min and felt like my legs, abdomen, and lungs were going to explode. I am sore today. I leave for a week long cruise this Sunday. So today this week I am skipping my pressing routine and doing Providence or Newport @ least 3 times. Today will be the first.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

C&P Medium Day, Cold Fronts, and Providence

So I got home early and did my medium pressing day, 5 ladders with 4 rungs each.

This was ladder #4 (motivation by Fight Like Hell)

Then I did AOS Providence. I did all rounds except the pressing rounds and the triple crush round. I really fucking hate the squat flip round. Hate it. I am sore and I feel good about it.

Doing NOTHING mid-week

I did nothing last nite but go to a real estate party, drink, and eat some fried food. I am slightly hungover and still SO SORE from Mon and Tues. Today is medium day on pressing day and I am going to really try and do Providence or Newport. I want to make more of a commitment to doing those DVD's... its just the weather has been so nice its impossible for me to workout in front of a TV. I think it's supposed to rain this afternoon so that would, actually, be awesome.

Working out today is going to be fun. And minus last nite's poor dietary options, I have been eating very clean all week. I'm treating it as my "junk meal of the week" which I think is important. I cannot eat like a machine all the time, it makes life no fun.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Box Jumps Go Awry- Hilarity Does Not Insue

We did field day Tuesday afternoon.

Started off w/ horses (suicides) that were huge- about 60 yards. Did 3 sets. Ouch.

Then I tried sit ups like they did on the Krav Maga episode of Fight Quest. Someone stands on your feet, you sit up and stand up and punch a bag and repeat. I could not do this with someone standing on my feet. I was soooooo pissed. Each time o got aabout 1/2 way standing and fell down. ARG! So instead I did this excercise they do in Crossfit that I cannot remember the name of- its where you lay on your back, roll backwards to where your feet are in the air and then explode rolling forwards and when your feet hit the ground you stand up, then sit roll back down and repeat. Did 5 of those. Seemed hard but doable.

Then off to box jumps on the biggest thing we have available which are the conrete bases for the stadium lights at the baseball field (they are probably about 30" high, I will measure them today when I get home b/c I am now curious). 5 sets of 10 jumps. Guess who missed a jump up on during set 2- ME! HAHA! Ruined my left shin. Pretty sure I fucked up my new tattoo a little bit- probably have to get re-lined in some places but life goes on. Got through all five sets then went back for more horses. 3 more sets. Double ouch!

Then it was 35 yards of komodo walks and 35 yards back of crabwalks.

Then I did 2 more sets of 5 of those crossfit roll-up things.

All I can say is that those CF rollups are the real deal. My abs are sore as hell today from those. Those are my new thing. I'm loving it.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

So you don't want to work out today...

A forethought- I used to be a social worker before I got into real estate. I had to stop b/c I couldn't stand seeing what I was seeing anymore- I was getting too angry at people and the world. That job took the rest of my tears- I have none left. Then I came across this on someone else's fitness blog... and I started crying. This is amazing.

(in case you missed it on the page, Rick, the son, has a degree from Boston University in Special Ed.. How hard did you work for YOUR degree?)

Enjoy your workout today. I am sure as hell going to enjoy mine. And if you were feeling like maybe today got you down and you don't have it in you- you do. If these guys can do this, you can go swing a kettlebell, or do some burpees or flip a tire or run some sprints.
Don't take it for granted folks.

Heavy Pressing Day- RESULTS

I went out today upping my rungs from 4 to 5. I have been doing 5 ladders with 4 rungs. I was expecting to get 3 ladders with 5 rungs and at 3 I was feeling smoked. I took my break and said fuck it, went back to bell and went for ladder #4. It happened and then some. I was literally 1 rep away from successfully completing 5 ladders with 5 rungs. The 5th rep on my left side wasn't happening. I tried it twice in a row before setting the bell down and I was done. That really pissed me off BUT still, I am almost ready to go up in weight. Maybe next week I will hit 5 of 5. If not then DEF the week after that.

After the pressing I put on the 40 pound xvest. jogged 240 yards, did 15 18" box jumps then took off the vest and did the 240 yards sprinting and back to the 18" bench and did 30 box jumps.

Then I did 1 BBall court length of frog jumps and 1 BBall court length of walking lunges. After that I was done.

Monday, March 3, 2008

Existential Fitness- Thoughts on the day

"I know that some days it feels like a 9 to 5 deathmarch.
And that's half the waking day taken away.
I'm pretty sure that we imagined something more.
Don't let that fire in your eyes flicker and fade.
They're experts at extinguishing hope, so you better hold it and keep it sclose.
It's a one-round match; you better grab it by the throat.
And don't let go...
I'd like to say hats off to the slash-and-burn architects,
They know exactly where despair and commerce intersect.
They've sloved the equation for the gold rush, soul-crush;
Three hundred million open mouths choking on the surplus"

-Paint it Black- Labor Day
-Mark Twight

That's what I'm feeling today. I dont train to look better. I train to be better- better at what? When people see me training by myself at the park in front of my house, they ask me what I am training for. I always respond with ".. for life".

That's what I'm doing. I'm only here for a bit and I am beyond inconsequential to those outside of my infitessimal scope of associations and influence. I cannot expect that, in totality of humanity, I am a special and unique snowflake- assuredly I am not.

That being said I can only live for me and to a degree for those around me (if I cannot be responsible for myself, how can I possibly expect to take care of others- responsibility is always delgated prima facia to the self).

These things are all somehow related and help me focus and find that spirit of self-awareness and strength when I don't think I have it.

That's all

Weekend Warrior

As promised. No KB's this weekend- well, mostly no KB's.

I borrowed a nice road bike and rode about 60 miles Saturday. Probably rode another 20-30 miles yesterday. Went to a bike swap meet Sunday. Bro'd it up there- it was awesome.

Did no other physical activity EXCEPT while waiting for my riding partners on Sundy, I tired to C&P the 24KG on both sides from the rack position. This has not been a problem on my right side but my left just HAS NOT had the power or tension to get it off of my shoulder and into the press. I have to push to about my jawline and then it goes up.

That's why I have been on the pressing routine. An AOS Forum friend suggested it and told me of his spectacular results on it so I said FUCK IT, dropped the 5x5 I was doing and got on it.

WELL, LONG STORY SHORT I saw FIRST PROGRESS from it!!! I got the 24KG out of the rack doing jsut a press 4 times.. They were singles- I couldn't do it twice in a row but I got it done 4 times. FUCK YES!. If you can do it once, eventually you can do it twice. That's my favorite saying to myself.

When your body isnt ready to do something b/c it isnt prepared- not being able to do EVEN ONE single rep can be so frustrating and disheartening. You have to do all that work just to get one... BUT once you can get one, it's the real deal b/c from there on out.. if you can do one, eventually you can two, etc.. It's all about just doing that one over and over and over and over again. Putting in the work, getting done. I am excited. Soon my skinny ass will be pressing that 28KG.

Today its heavy pressing day- I am jumping to 5 rungs on my ladders with the 20KG's and we'll see how many ladders I get through. After that its all the lower body drills from Providence.