Sunday, August 30, 2009

Body Weight

Warm up with 2 rounds of 3 shin-tp-bar leg raises


3 rounds of

15 naked-warrior push ups
30 bicycles
jog 30 yards
6 ass-to-heals hindu push ups
20 slow v ups
jog 30 yards
6 twisting push ups
10 janda sit ups
jog 30 yards
3R/3l single leg deck squats + 2 regular deck squats

on round 2 i did different core drills

1 min front plank, 1 min left side plank 1 min right side plank

and round 3 was just the push ups and jogging, no core drills.

finished off with 24KG bent press singles 5 a side and 3 rounds of 5 rep windmills on both sides.

a bit hodgepodge'd but fun and good nonetheless.

Saturday, August 29, 2009


This summer is the hottest we have had in 11 years. It is killing me. Yesterday's workout was good but if it was about 15 degrees cooler I could have done maybe twice as much in about 1/2 the time.

I did
32KG 10 swing/1-5 burpee ladder

then 5 rounds of
5 see saw presses w/ 20KGs
5R/5L side bends with 32 KG

After this I was pouring sweat, literally it was dripping from every part of my body- fingernails included.

As soon as the high gets to something reasonable, like 85 degrees (as opposed to feeling 1ike 106-112 with the heat index) I am assaulting my body.

Friday, August 28, 2009


only worked out once this week. Pathetic. Going home early today to get back on my game. Today, tomorrow and Sunday are all on-days now.

Who wants to donate to the cause and by me some rope to play with? I will also trade. I've got an 1050lb tractor tire I'll trade for some ropes and/or a 300lb Olympic set. If you're in Houston and reading this, get at me.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Short but hard

Hand is all fucked up from Sunday so Monday off. yesterday tried to use bells- wasn't happening yet. I was exhausted emotionally and physically and it was hot as hell but i made myself do something-

went to the monkey bars at the park and did

4 rounds of shins-to-the-bar leg raises (reps of 4)and pull ups.
R1= corn cob pull ups
R2= regular pull ups
R3= 2-rep-5-hold drill chin ups
R4= staggered grip pull ups both sides

my core is really really sore.those shin-to-the-bar leg raises are H.A.R.D.

Monday, August 24, 2009

DROP and give me 50!

Filthy 50 revisit time, only this time w/ the 24KG.

PROGRESS ladies and gentlemen. I did the filthy 50 yesterday. Haven't done it in a while. I had been suing the 20KG for it b/c the 24KG was just too much on the snatches for me ( i know i know, that's pathetic but true). Yesterday I used the 24KG and I ate it's lunch. I haven't swung a 24KG in over a month and half, all I have been using is the 32KG and comparatively, the 24KG is nothing. Swings were cheese, the snatches were a lot better too. The burpees got a little old by the 4th round but were still doable.

I was pouring sweat by the time I was done and I am really sore today. That workout doesn't look like much on paper and I know there are people who use it for a warm up but it smokes me at that weight. I also COMPLELETY ripped off my callous on the left hand during last round of snatches and now have a HUGE hole in my hand. I have to get to an RKC and work on my snatch grip. Anytime I do more than a handful of snatches with the 24KG my hands get torn to hell.

PS: the Filthy 50 =
5 rounds with 30 sec-1min rest in between
(w/o setting down the bell)
5R/5L swings
5R/5L snatches
10 burpees

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Just me and Gravity

Absolutely didn't want to work out today but I pushed through anyway and did 4 rounds of the following

Push up complex (as seen below)
3R/3L single leg deck squats + 2 reg deck squats
2rep-5hold chin up drill
core work (R1= adv bicycles, R2=1 min F,L,R planks, R=3 Vups, R4=shins-to-bar leg raises)

This was fucking hard. By round 4 I only got 1 single leg DS on each leg before switching to regular 2 legged DS's- brutal.


new record w/32KG bell=

210 swings, less than 12 min.

me = totally fucked. hands, forearms, wrists = totally wrecked. other muscles got recruited to hold bell as hands failed. other places are sore. traps, lats, neck.

today will be body weight awesomeness and maybe some TGU's.

1. i really really really want some ropes to play with
2. i really really really want a punching bag again

3. i am so broke, i'm not even broke i'm brok_; i cannot afford the vowel.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Magic Monday's

Jonathan and I did 3 rounds of the following

24KG 1-3 C&P + pull up ladders
push up complex (10reg-5ass2heals-5twisting0
core (R1=30 bicycles, R2=20 v ups, 10 toes-to-fingers, R3= 30 bicycles)

The 3rd rounds of this got REAL- as in really difficult. Today we swing.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Friday FAIL

Did a circuit before I left town for work. Wanted 4 rounds. Got 2. Only go 2 because guy at park started talking to me about bells and then it started raining and I just didn't have ti in me to keep going in rain (and I was tired and punked out)

Circuit went like this

32KG (w/o putting bell down) 10 swings-to-2 goblet squats x 3
1-5 pull up ladder
5 R/L 32KG side bends
5 R/5L 24KG snatched
5R/5L 24KG windmills

This was hard.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Brutal Circuit and Equipment Failure

Did a MEAN circuit yesterday. 3 rounds of the following

push up complex (10 regular, 5 ass-to-heals hindu, 5 twisting)
core work (R1= bicycles, R2=v-ups, R3= front-right-left planks)
2rep-5hold chin up drill
2 double 24KG man-makers
5R/5L renegade rows.

On last rep of the 24KG man maker the bells were not going above my ears so I dropped the bells and stepped back. When the 24KG ADER hit the ground that fucker BROKE! The handle fell right off! WTF! NOT COOL. Not just because I am out a bell, but because that bastard could have broken over my head. 53lbs of solid steel falling on my noggin sounds like a bad time.

Side note, those twisting push ups are brutal on the shoulders and my biceps are destroyed from the 2rep/5hold chin up drills. You don't need sissy-primadonna-curl exercises; two words: CHIN UPS.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Breaking Barriers

Yesterday i did it- after a week off from the ETK protocol due to being sick and then not wanting to push myself too hard after getting well- I did week 3 again with the 32KG, doign sets of 30 swings.

This time I did it, I broke the 6 set barrier and managed 7 sets in 12 min. My hands were totally fucked for the last 2.5 sets. I was actually screaming my way through finishing. I can say with all honesty that 8 sets is definitely going to be the max I can do in this time frame with this weight. I cut very little corners yesterday, maybe taking an extra 20-30 seconds total of unapproved rest time. I am going to do this for this week and next week then move on to the ever ugly sets of 40- YIKES!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Keeping Loose

To say loose and work out some kinks, Sunday I did:
4 rounds of 15 push ups using naked warrior principles- max tension everywhere.
30 v-ups
4 rounds ass-to-heels hindu pushups
1 min planks

2 sets 5 toes-to-bar leg raises. I didn't even know I could do these- I've never tried them and I just sort of did itby accident. I plan on doing a lot more of these in the near future.

Friday, August 7, 2009


shaking. can't type well. 108 outside with heat index. destroyed from earlier in the week.

3 rounds 30 swings w/ 32KG (1 min rest between rounds)
steve-maxwell-pull-up-protocol = 2, 5 sec 1/4 hold, 2, 5 sec 90 degree hold, 2 5 sec top position hold, 2. all reps done from dead hang.

repeat twice.

all systems totally fucked.

ps- tore left palm wide-the-hell-open. yes!

Sleepy Work Out

Was so sore from Mon and Tues that I took off Wed to rest. Wound up sleeping only 4 hours Wed nite (insomnia what?!)so when I got home yesterday I passed out for 3 hours. When I woke up I made myself do something. I did

5x10 24KG snatches (these are hard for me, real hard)
5x5 twisting/crescent push ups
5x10 secs hanging planks (don't know what to call them, apparently Coach Maxwell and Bruce Lee call them 'Dragon Flags', see pic below) on picnic tables

I've been trying to these hanging plank things for a while and while I'm getting closer, I'm still not there. Pic below of Coach Steve Maxwell doing one impeccably.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Luscious Legs (in the making...?)

Decided C&P + Pull up Ladders were not a good idea due to soreness in shoulders from the pull up dril yesterday. Opted to kill my legs instead.

5x5 double 24KG KB front squats

I did this right. Whole 5 sets of 5 took a little over 15 min. Did my set then rested and waited to get to the next one. It honestly made it harder. This was also the first time I got through all 5 sets of 5 with gas still in the tank and did the squats strong (thank you Naked Warrior principles).

Then I wanted to do 4 rounds of alternating
20 32KG swings (focusing on heighth and tension
5R/5L 24KG renegade rows.

I got 2 rounds of that and then 10 more swings and I had to call it quits. My thighs and hamstrings were fucking dead and my core wasn't doing too much better.

Hot as hell, sweated my ass off, and feel good about getting destroyed and no being able to finish because my will didn't tap out- my physiology did.

Monday Makeover

Got back into things yesterday with 4 rounds of a body weight session that was pretty fun and/or hard. I think part of the difficulty came from still being a little sick and it was 104-106 degrees outside with the heat index.

I found some shade and did the following

Push Up Complex
(10 strict-form push ups into 5 ass-to-heel hindu push ups into 5 twisting push ups)
Core work
(R1= 15 single leg raises a la Newport, R2= 3 sets 10-2 descending twists a la Newport, R3= 20 v-ups, R4= 30 sec each Front, L, R planks)
3R/3L single leg deck squats + 2 more regular deck squats
jog to pull up bars
Pull up drill from Coach Maxwells Blog listed on previous entry.

This was hard. The pull ups I did R1 & 2 underhand, R3 overhand, & R4 underhand. I did not do the full protocol which calls for a 10 second hang. I am not there yet. I did 5 second hangs and that was plenty.

Today will be C&P + pull up ladders with the 20KG, focusing on Naked Warrior tension principles and maybe some 24KG snatch practice.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Been Sick

I get sick too often. I think it's because I'm so stressed all the time. That's my answer at least. Got sick Wed last week and haven't been able to work out since.

I am easing back into it today with a fun fun fun body weight drill day. I can't wait to get home and change out of my monkey suit outfit and into some shorts, tennis shoes, t shirt and my serious face.

Read about a pull up drill on Coach Maxwell's blog that was pretty freaking cool- I am going to give it a go today along with some other things.

You can read about this cool pull up drill here-

It's in the last paragraph and that's what the videos are of.