Monday, October 27, 2008

Wrap up

Thursday was still sore from tattoo. Did descnding pull up ladders 10-1. Then varying sets of 30 pushups (5) + 1 set of 15 diamond push ups.

Friday left for NOLA. Didnt work out in NOLA. Did the bachelor party thing for my friend Jake. Got home last night. Feel wrecked and fat and lazy. Going to work out today like a beast. Lost my voice. Damage report- minimal.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Off day- sort of..

Yesterday was an off day but I got a new tattoo started on my ribs. 2hrs worth of outlining and I am sore as shit today from tensing up the whole time so maybe I'll count that as an isometric workout? Who knows..

New rib tattoo in progress:

It hurt like hell. My ribs were sort of the final frontier of tattooing for me; the last spot I was nervous about- and for good reason. 2 hours of awesome. It's good for me though. Helps me not be so angry and depressed. 2 hours of that and you cant nor do you want to think about anything else. Like flipping tires and doing sprints. I get it worked on again on Nov 4th. Excited and not excited at the same time.

Regardless, no working out today. My side is VERY angry at me and tender. Tomorrow I'll get back on it though.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

2nd time is not so charming at all...


For some reason, the second time I do a hard or heavy workout- it's harder. I'm sure it's all in my head but boy- is it in there.

I did the heavy upper body day again with the two 24KG bells.

A1, double C&P ladders 5x -1-2-3
A2, renegade rows

3x3 R/L double windmills.

The presses were harder. I did more push pressing yesterday that the last time. Mostly on the 3rd run, rung 1 and sometimes rung 2 were good, strict presses but almost every rung 3 involved some push pressing.

I did it faster yesterday. Did the whole thing in just under 30 min. Took 2 min break between full sets of A1 & A2. Took about 5-15 sec break between rungs on the ladders (rung 1 getting shorter breaks, rung 2 and 3 getting longer breaks).

Lifting heavy is hard and it is harder in a different way. It doesnt zap you the same way as doing Newport of the Magic 50. In the middle, like on round 3 of the A1/A2 protocol, I am fucking AMPED. I am ready to go, I want to tackle the bells and make it my bitch. By round 5 I feel like standing up is hard and my body feels swollen and puffed up, like my shoulders are going to tear out of my skin. I literally have to focus all of my energy and thought process on cleaning those 2 bells before I press them.

I am excited about this new protocol and excited to see where it takes me. B/c its strength building progress will be slow but when it comes I expect to make some serious gains as a 152lb man.

Monday, October 20, 2008


Late in updating but I got it together Sunday morning and did a heavy leg workout when I really didnt want to.

4 rounds

double 20KG swings: 10 *1st round was 10R/L single swings w/ 24KG*
double 20KG squats: 5-6
double 24KG KB burpee-to-deadlift: 10
double 24KG cleans- 5

Put the hurt on me.

This afternoon is A1/A2 heavy push & pull as suggested by Mr. Diluglio.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Just me and Gravity

Today was "light day"- I am not good at that concept. The workout I did is approved by armies across the world over- all body weight. I did it alternating push and pull both ways.

Round 1
Reg pushups- 30
Hanging Leg raises- 5
Diamond Push Ups- 15
Hanging side raises- 5R/5L
Wide Push ups- 30
Hanging Leg raises-5
Elevated push ups- 25
Hanging side raises- 5R/5L
Walking push up on KB-a-la-AoS-Newport- 5 per side
Hanging Leg raises- 5
Full body ballistic clapping push ups a-la-Mr.-Mattioni-5
Hanging side raises 5R/5L

Round 2
Reg pull up OH- 5
1 min leg raises
Pull up hands touching- 5
1 min 10-2 twists a-la-AoS-Newport
Reg pull up UH- 5
30secR/30secL Single leg raises-1-leg-off-ground-a-la-AoS-Newport
Ugliest corb-cob-pull-ups-ever- 3
Front, R, & L planks, 30 sec a side, non-stop all the way through

After that I was compeltely toast. Still am. My body is PISSED and SUPER tight. I love it.

Anthony D wrecks me

So I took Anthony D's advice and did the following yesterday as my heavy workout using two 24KG bells

alternating between A1 & A2 for 5x5
A1- double C&P
A2- RR's
3x3 barbell windmills.

He said instead of double C&P i might want to do 3-5 1x2x3 ladders. I read that wrong and did 5 1x2x3 ladders w/ both 24KGs. Good news is I did it! Rungs 2 & 3 on ladders 4 and 5 were push presses, strict presses.
The renegade rows felt awesome. I didn't have a barbell so I did double windmills with the 24KGs.

This workout took me about 34 min and it destroyed me. I am so sore today. Tommorrow I wont be able to move. But I'm stoked. While those #ers aren't amazing, thats still 106lbs total that I am moving over my head. That is approx 68% of my bodyweight.

Monday, October 13, 2008

getting back on track, getting heavy, and getting confused...

so i am on this heavy kick right now- mostly going on a 5x5 protocol. im using the 28KG bell i have for most stuff but for military presses im either using two 20KG's for a total of 88lbs or 1 24KG which is MUCH harder on my right side, cant get more than 3-4 reps at a time and after 2-3 sets i start to fail on the left.
a few questions-
1. u think its better to go two 20KG instead of 1 24KG? or should i mis it up?
2. im taking more time in between sets. since its heavier work, i shouldnt beat myself up and call myself a little whiner b/c of it, right? i do need longer breaks and im not just making excuses?
3. how many days should i do heavy bells without doing damage? i know there's some individuality to that answer but as a general protocol? im back on 4-5 days a week on so 2 days a week heavy? or if im going to go heavy do i need to just go 4 days on and 3 days off? im such a complusive freak in my head i can see me thinking that after that 4th day, i'd need one more day in of body weight and sprints or sprints and the tire or something... i know, i need help.
as always yall, i appreciate the help in advance.
as a note- tonite i did
5x5 L/R cleans w/ 28KG
5x3 L/R windmills w/ 28KG (heavy windmills are serious, no way ive got 5x5 with that sucker yet)
5 sets of double MP w/ 20 KG varying #ers
set 1= 8, set 2= 6, set 3=5, set 4=6, set 5=6
coll down round 2x5 L/R bottoms up swing and rack walk back the 28KG about 35 yards to the porch.

Starting Fresh

So my schedule got all fucked up 2 weeks ago and remained that way until today. What happened was I ended up working out really hard on a Sunday b/c Monday of that week didnt happen and I felt lazy. Well, I was so sore I wound up taking the next day off which was another Monday- that has totally screwed me up.

I only worked out 2 days last week. They were both heavy days (heavy for me) but still, 2 days is inexcusable. Yesterday I purposely did all I could not to work out and it killed me. I felt so lazy and useless BUT I managed not to give in to the compulsion so today it will be WWIII between me & me. Monday through Thursday this week and Saturday. Back to normal- alternating between heavy bells and high rep body weight.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

41% Workout

Wed I did a heavy circuit using the 28KG bell- thats 62lbs. That thing is heavy for me as it's about 41% of my bodyweight.

I was going for 5 rounds of the following but I only got 4- my body was starting to say no more, especially my back. Today I am already getting tight and sore. I did-

10 front squats
5 push presses L/R
5 static rows L/R
5 1-legged dead lifts L/R

That doesnt look like much when I write it out but 4 rounds of that with that weight was enough to put me out. I think I'm going to keep working with that weight at least 2 days a week for now. I want to get more comfortable with it. Some parts of my body can handle it no problem but other parts really struggle with it- my hands, my wrists, and my grip are probably the most notable. My shoulders are right behind that trio. I want to be a monster even though I weight 152lbs.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Every inch of my body didnt want to work out before I left work for the afternoon. I got home and went on autopilot. I let out the dogs, changed clothes, grabbed my headphones, let the dogs back in, and went out to hte porch and picked up the bells and moved them to the park.

I wanted to go heavy. From reading the AoS forum yesterday, I was inspired to warm up and stretch- which I usually dont do- I know, I'm bad.

I did 5x5 of heavy, double cleans using the 24Kgs bells (this sucked)

Then I did heavy floor press w/ the 28KG for 4 sets of 1-3 ladders L/R. In between sets I worked in ad rounds from AoS Newport. On the 4th set of the floor press I did 6 reps straight through instead of the ladders.

Then I did 3x3 L/R of double windmills using the 24Kgs. These were hard. I didn't set the bells down between switching sides. It got old. Talk about total body tension.

Then I was done. I wanted more but I didn't have it. To be honest, I'm suprised I got that out of my body.

Monday, October 6, 2008

No really..

I am really really really sore from the RR's yesterday and the hanging ab work Saturday. The tire probably contributed as did the 175 yards of kimodo walks.

Seriously, really really really sore.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Sunday morning commin' down

Friday nite I did some random pull up sets with reps of 5, doing regular pull ups and close grip pull ups and 2&2's- probably did 10-12 sets total while I was fucking around in the kitchen. Then I broke up a fist fight between some friends at the house. One them is 6'1" and 280lbs. I threw him by his throat and it worked. Big ups to kettlebells and heavy tire flipping. Even through his drunken belligerent haze, he was surprised at that one.

Saturday I did some random hanging ab work. Leg raises, side raises, etc. 5-8 sets of each, reps of 4-5. I also did some random push ups, random dead-snatches w/ the 16KG, we took the dogs on a 2 mile walk and jogged maybe 1/2 a mile with them. Then we made dinner and went on a bike ride. We probably rode 4-6 miles, not too far but at a brisk pace. I love my bike. I'll post a picture of my rock machine at some point so you can all oogle it from afar.

Made plans to work out this morning at 8AM. I did. I usually don't perform too well in the AM but today was ok despite having gone to bed at 1:30 last nite. We warmed up with a briks 1/3 mile jog and then we did a small circuit for 5 rounds of:

RR 5 per side w/ the 24KG
35 yards kimodo walks
3 550lb tire flips +jump-thru's
sprint 35 yards back.

My friend would go then I would go.

After the 5th set we alternated flipping tire back to the road for 4 more flips each, total.

Those RR's smoked my already-sore abdomen. My entire trunk is pissed but the workout felt great and the day is just beginning.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

getting fed..

i did a workout today tht killed me. 4 exercises, 4 rounds, not setting KB down between excercises or side per round using 24KG.

it went

5 swings
5 snatches
5 windmills
5 thrusters (negative pres, squat, push press)


1-2 min rest between rounds

this was hard. the thrusters CF style w/ the 24KG was too much weight for me. i only got 3 a side each round and those 3 were fucking hard as hell. i know i could have destroyed this workout with the 20KG but w/ the 24KG it fed me my lunch. took about 24 min give or take.

im gonna do something heavy and serious on saturday.