Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Heavy 5x5 Complex

Left the office Sunday night/Monday morning at 3:30. Went to bed at 4am. Woke up @ 8.. Didn't work out Monday b/c Monday stayed at office all way through until 4AM this morning. Went home, died. Got up, came to work. Left at 3:30 to go home and work out.

I did the following w/ two 20KG bells

5 double snatches, 15 yard rack walk, 5 see saw press (10 reps) 15 yard rack walk

rest 2 min, repeat for 5 sets.

Then ran 65yrd sprints.

The see saw presses killed me b/c my upper chest is still sore from the Sunday push up marathon. Thius workout was hard on no sleep.

I am back at office now and hoping to leave before midnite. Tomorrow is D-Day. Fuck my life.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Office Workout

In an effort to fight off my nomination as the king of loser-ville I went ahead and worked out at the office. I'm sitll here and now sweating my ass off.

I did some body weight drills and used 1/2 of a concrete cinder block for some of them and as a modified weight in other places.

3 rounds triple crush squats rep range of 10

6 rounds of walking push ups using cinder block isntead of bell (harder w/ cinder block) rep range of 10-15 (wasnt really counting just going until my body started quitting)

4 rounds ballistic push ups a-la-Ross-Enammit (exploding back and forth with one hand on ground and one on block)

2 rounds of 20 shuffle squats

1 round 65 walking lunges

Newport Ab routine + 3 min round of front, right, left side planks 1min each side, no breaks.

I'm a loser

Worked out again Thursday. Did 3 ladders, w/ 3 rungs + ab routine from Newport. Haven't done anything else so only 2 days on this week.

At office now, might do an office workout with push ups and triple crush squats using cinderblocks we have that support some desks. But again I might not.

Why, b/c I'm a loser- L.O.S.E.R.- loser.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

PR Monday

I got serious on ROP today. I still only did 3 rung ladders but I did 5 of them! SUCK IT! I dont know why I just felt amped and at the 3rd ladder I just told myself I was going to keep going and that I was going to get 5 of them - and i did, no problem. I will do that again for my other 2 ROP days this week and next week I might try to get 3 ladders with 4 rungs. Oh man, this was a major break through. I can FEEL the 5x5 comming on- maybe not next month or even then month after that BUT I really think this broke some platuea thats been owning me for 2 months.

I also did 40 snatches doing reps of on each hand. I was going for 70 but I got a gnarly tear on my right hand so I stopped.

Then last nite I went with some friends and did a 3hr bike ride around the city.

ps: I know I was doing those MP's correctly b/c my whole body is sore. My legs are wrecked from locking my knees in.

Monday, September 22, 2008


Mowed the yard with the push mower. Got my shoulders nice and tired. Then later in the afternoon I did the hotel workout again but this time at the park- I really liked it so I repeated it.

Ab rounds from AoS Newport with pushups in between. 30 reps each except for diamond and walking. Diamond I did 15 reps and walking pushups on the bell a-la-Newport I did for 1 min.

Then did some 2&2 pull ups a-la-p90X and then did snatches with the 24KG. Did a total of 70. BUT, these were the best they have ever been for me. I did reps of 5 per side but I destroyed them. My grip was great, my lungs felt great, my form felt great- it was a massive personal victory that I am, in all honesty, still high from. Fuck a 24KG snatch.

Hurricane madness is over (although most of inner city is still without power blah blah blah) so it's back to a regular workout schedule with ROP pressing w/ the 24KG today. I will also be doing more snatches to see if I can keep Saturday's momentum alive.

Friday, September 19, 2008


Workout Monday at the hotel killed me. Saxon bends killed me. I took Tues off. Tried to workout Wed and couldn't- my core muscles wouldnt work. So I rode my bike. Yesteraday- Thursday, I didnt do anything either. Today maybe something will happen but probably not. I'll do something Sat, take Sun off, and get back on regular, no Hurricane madness, workout schedule next Monday.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Anti-Gym Rat Gym Workout

Got power restored today. Yes.

At the hotel gym Monday evening I got serious and did this-

Ab rounds from AoS Newport with push ups in between (elbows-to-sides, diamond, regular, wide grip, and elevated rep range of 25-30 except diamond w/ rep range of 15)

Then did 3 rounds alternating triple crush with a squat (squat, uncurl, curl, stand, press, behind head tricep extension, back up and to chest =1) w/a 45lb dumbbell and saxon bends 5 per side with 2 10lb dumbbells.

This workout was awesome. I am still sore from it. People looked at me like I was a total mutant.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

First day back above the water...

we are a alive. our house is fine. our cars are fine. houston, however, is FUCKED. they are saying no power for up to 2 weeks. 90% of the city is without power. since we live in the middle of town, we should be ok and get it sooner but you never know.

im holed up in a hotel w/ power, AC, internet, cable etc- very exciting to be living in 1st world conditions again.

havent slept in 2 days b/c of storm and then b/c it was hot as fuck in my house. did a workout today- snatches with 24KG for a total of 75 reps. 2 sets of 20 shuffle squats, 2 rounds of 24KG TGU's, 5 per side. that was about it and all i had to give. im still pretty out of it.

the most surreal thing is driving through the 3rd largest city in American at night with NO POWER anywhere- very post-apocalyptic. there's a 9PM curfew for the whole city so i got to experience very little of it. but what i did experience was just wierd.

thanks for all the well-wishes. we made it.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Th and Today

Last nite I did yoga for hte first time. It was ok. Didn't hate it, didn't love it either. Was a short 20min beginner workout. Heh. Then went on a good long bike ride. Got chased at the end around 1am by a fucking huge pitbull for like 2 blocks- awesome.

Today, the day the hurricane is suposed to hit, I had to help my friend move into his new apartment. He was scheduled to move tomorrow morning but Ike will be here in full force by then so we got to it this morning at 8am. We moved him for 7 hours. Resultingly, I will not be working out today as I already got my workout in. This will be my last post before the big plunge. We should be ok.

I wanted to also thank everyone who sent me an email either offering us a place to come and stay to escape the storm or just to check on us. Yall are great, really. Thanks.

Thursday, September 11, 2008


So I've been listening to a lot of Wisdom in Chains lately-
1: b/c I'm feeling it right now
2: they are one of the HC bands around that I can still believe in, in the sense that I think they mean what they say and are for real.

I thought I'd share some of their more memorable shit with yall (it's not nice)-

Dragging Me Down
"I try not to complain but you know me better than that. Everyday gets lost inside of the last. My negativity gets the best of me. This place has lost its purity. I'm empty and I'm drowning. Can't find my way out and don't know when I fell in. This world is like the weight that's dragging me down. Dragging my soul right down to hell. I'm falling I keep falling, Can't stop until I hit This world is like the weight that's dragging me down. Dragging my soul right down to hell. I'm falling, I keep falling. I hope I smash in the fucking ground. There's no escaping, there's no running away. It kills a piece of your soul more and more everyday. I need forgiveness even though I never forgave. I pray and pray it's not too late to pray"

Out of Season
"I saw my mother so I asked her, "What's the end for your fuckin' bastard?" I lost it long ago and that's what I am. No happy ever after. I'm gonna hang from a fuckin' rafter and swing to the beat of my cold dead heart. Oh yea. What became of your only daughter? What became of all your sons? You let them leave without a reason. And now you're left with nothing but the same of an empty home. The tree of love is out season. I saw my brother so I asked him, "Do you think about the past and does it keep you up at night like you're all alone?" He said, "Man, I shed some tears and all I got was wasted years so fuck the world and all the bullshit that's in it." I try not think about it cause it only brings me down but on a day like this it's the only thing on my mind. I don't want sympathy. I don't you to agree. I just wanna smash the system that fucked it up for me"

and arguably, depending on the day, my all time favorite-

Too Far Gone
"Some people trade life for the bottom of a whiskey bottle. Too far gone, can't get it back now. Some people love the pills. They'll eat an entire bottle. If that don't work, they'll cut their wrists off. Some people love whores. They'll spend every fucking dollar. Go home empty,not an ounce of self-respect. Happiness must be a dream. I know it ain't material. I've seen men search the world but die alone in the end. So fucking alone. No woman, no wine, no pills can cure this fucking disease. It's in my brain. No matter what I do, I can't get it out my head. Years of memories flood my brain. I just wanna sever these fucking veins so I can sleep forever never coming back no more. Too far gone. Too far gone. Too far gone. Too far gone can't get it back"

And an honorable mention to

Vigilante Saint
"Jimmy wanted to an alter boy. He couldn't wait to serve the Lord. But he was tricked into suckin a dick and sentenced to Hell if he ever told. Now Jimmy don't trust nobody. He was shown that the world is cold. He was wronged gotta make it right. The vigilante saint's on a mission tonight. Jimmy got a pistol to spread some justice. He's gotta kill this bastard, Vigilante Justice. Go Jimmy, as fast as you can and send this motherfucker to the Promised Land. He was wronged, gotta make it right. His God's gonna get a body tonight. Jimmy got a pistol to spread some justice. He's gonna kill this bastard, vigilante justice. Go Jimmy go with a gun in your hand, make sure this motherfucker never does it again. Go Jimmy go as fast as you can and don't stop killin 'til the Promised Land. Jimmy got a pistol to spread some justice, he's gotta kill this bastard, Vigilante Justice."

Believe that shit.


Didn't work out yesterday, was sore enough from Tuesday's madness to take the day off. Woke up this morning though and my legs are now so sore I can barely walk.


I'll do something today but not sure what yet.

Apparently there is now a giant hurricane that is supposed hit my front door so hopefully my tire doesnt get picked up and blown through my house.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

"Permanence"- Track 4

I got serious today on my own- i got home @ 8 and before I got home I really was so exhausted emotionally and mentally I didnt want to do it.

I listed to some This Is Hell on the way home and got AMPED.

I wound up doing 4 rounds of a circuit that kicked my ass. It went like this

24KG RR's 5 per side
20 shuffle squats
35 yrd kimodo walks
35 yard walking lunges
front, left, and ride side planks 30 sec a side

1.5 min active rest fast paced walking.

Took me about 4-5 min to complete each circuit. The planks too 1.5 min so I'm ok with those times. The 35 yrds of kimodo walks are the real deal son! + my legs are toast and so is more core/trunk.

The title of this entry is what got me amped- it's off of TIH's 1st LP "Sundowning"

It says-
".... Bookmark this page this is where things fall apart
Remember these days, cause this is how downward spirals start.
These are things I never wanted to say, this is a place I never wanted to be...
So let it all come crashing down on me.
These are the things that we never ever wanted to know- if the good die young we'll fucking live forever
With smiling scars across our throats- if the good die young we'll fucking live forever."

Believe that shit.

Monday, September 8, 2008


I did it again today. It killed me, didnt get 3rd rep on the 3rd ladder on left side.

I did 2 sets of snatches.

Then I did some hanging ab work from my pull up bar inside.

Then I was done and I ate a TON of food.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Serious Saturday

My friend Bonnie came and worked out with me like she's been saying she would for about the last 7 months....

We did a version of one of my favorite circuits- I stepped it up some in her honor.

We did 3 rounds of
ground-up pistols (starting with butt on smal tire and standing up) 5 per leg
jog to 10 pull ups
jog to 3x 550lb tire flips
jog to 15 diamond push ups
jog to 60 yards of small tire drag
here is a pic of Bonnie pulling the small tire (I think it weighs about 90-110-ish. It really is harder that it looks. My legs hate it).

5 shuffle squats into 5 deck squats
jog to 3 corn cob pulls up into 10 hands-together pull ups
jog to 3x550lb tire flips
jog to 30 push ups
jog to 60 yards tire drag

ground up pistols, 5 per leg. i got through 4 on my left and 3 on my right before my legs stopped working. they failed. so i moved over to something higher. I couldnt do it from there either. waited 1 min and got 1 more rep on each leg. then it was over. here is pic of me getting up from last successful pistol from the tire...

jog to 2&2 pull ups al-la-p90X (did 2- so total of 8)
jog to 3x 550lb tire flip
jog to 30 elevated push ups
jog to 60 yard tire drag

Then it was over! We were pretty smoked and we had to put up the tire. After that I showed her some kimodo walks and we did some wheelbarrow walks but it was just screwing around.
It was a great Saturday morning workout and I think I'm going to really start blasting my legs on T & Th... Just an idea.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008


Took today off. Super sore from yesterday etc and got home from work at 9PM.

Park day tomorrow and Friday as a make up day from ROP

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

As promised

These two really make me look like a bum, you know....

Trying to live the hype

Today was back on track with

1 round suicide frogs (20KG, 20KG, 24KG, 24KG) for a total of 40 yards distance 1 way.

Then 2 rounds

20 Shuffle squats (hands over head, heel-to-toe, jump, land opposite heel-to-toe, repeat)
30 push ups
10 pull ups (round 2 did 1-5 pull up ladder)
2o walking planks middle, left, middle, right

Jog 1/3 mile to recover

Finished with 1 more round suicide frogs, same configuration as before but on 1st leg there was no sprinting, only walking.

I was hungover as fuck today and tired.

ROP tomorrow.

Suck it, life.

"Functional Strength" Workout

Didnt workout yesterday b/c I spent the last 4 days (including yesterday morning) building a shed in my backyard for emergency storage. Then after finishing said shed, we moved a bunch of my mom's stuff into it including a piano, an antique stove (that almost weighed more than the piano) and a ton of other stuff.

I am sore sore sore sore.

I did however do some "wall presses" with the pre-fab sections of wall for the shed. Also did some "roof presses" with sections of roof and handed said sections of roof up onto guy on the roof all by my lonesome. I would say those sections of roof probably weighed about 80lbs and hte walls weighed about 60-ish. Sore.