Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Missed my lunch time appointment with the dominatrix so....

....I just did AoS 1200 when I got home. It was my first time giving it a shot so I went through the work out on beginner. Doing it that way you actually get in 404 total reps (I did the snatches on sets of 12x12 as oppossed to laddering up to 20x20 which would have given me 440 total reps.)

FUCK THAT! Took me 49 min on the beginner level. I am DEAD. It was bad. I used a 20KG for most drills and a 16KG for all the snatches. Threw up 3 times.

Going to be doing that one pretty regularly. Feel like hell right now. Need to die.

If you hate yourself and you need more masochistic action in your workouts and can't afford bi-weekly dominatrix sessions- grab the Art of Strength 1200 workout. You can find the link to their store on the right hand side of my blog.

Get some.

Sunday, March 29, 2009


Today I ran 2.25 miles. Rant first 1.25 at a fast jog. Did it in 7:05. Stopped for a few seconds, stretched, then started jogging back. After first blocl I alternated between fast jog and sprinting for the remaining mile back.

Then went on a picnic and walked another mile or so.

Then took dogs to a park and walked another 2 miles.

My legs are done.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

4 rounds with The Bear


Felt the need to work out today. Wanted to get in at least 4 days this week and was scared I'd vag-out on tomorrow. Got the inspiration to do a tire workout.

Did 4 rounds of
5R/L 24KG snatches then 3 flips then 20 24KG swings

This was hard and I tried to keep a strong pace with only 1.5 min break between rounds. That worked until round 4- during round 4 I met the bear... I hate the bear, but I finished round 4.

This was harder b/c of the 300 workout yesterday, I know this for sure. I took a vid of round 1, its below. The first tire rep is awesome b/c I wasn't fully committed yet and when you're not committed to the tire, well- let's just say it doesn't cooperate as you'll see below....


We did teh SM 300 challenge yesterday.

Last week when I did it for the first time I completed it in 38:49.

This time I completed it in 33:15!!!!! I think its time to start doing the deck squats instead of the plain BW squats.

I started taking a supplament called Black Powder- its a pre-workout supplament and it works pretty well. I am attributing a lot of my 5-min-shave-off to it.

You can read about it here-


Reviews of it here-


(I like it, tastes ok, seems to work well and I seem to recover faster and be less sore next day)

Friday, March 27, 2009


Didnt work out yesterday b/c I'm doing the Steve Maxwell 300 challenge again today and I wanted to be fresh and readyfor it. Jonathan is joining me in the self-flagellation. I cant wait!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

"I feel hopeless when I just wish I....

...could feel a little less"
- Blacklisted

Fuck today. I came home and got serious b/c I wasn't feeling good in the head.

5x5 across the boards 5 rounds of 5 24kg snatches into 5 double 20k long cycle C&Ps


5 rounds of 5 steve-maxwell style burpees into 5 hindu push ups

Monday, March 23, 2009

Back in Black

So from all the drinking and smoking that occured over the last year, I've been working since January to get back to what I lost and today I can honestly say I'm getting there.

I did a circuit today with the 24's. I've been doing that on Mondays and I've been doing 3 rounds b/c the 24's got heavy and the weight just zaps my stamina. Well today I went and did it again and I'm stoked b/c

1. I did 4 rounds instead of 3 with 5 excercises a round instead of 4

2. I BLAZED through them, about 3:30 or so to get through the 5 excercises

3. I took 30 second breaks between rounds 1 and 2 and rounds 3-4. Took 2 min between round 2-3

4. Excercises felt strong.

Here is video of round 2.

(thats 20 swings, 2 bent press L/R, 5 renegade rows L/R, 5 alt floor presses & 10 deck squats for 4 rounds, total time btwn 16-17 min)<
I was so sore form the Steve Maxwell 300 workout Friday I just did cardio this weekend. Friday evening after the workout I did a short 5-7 mile bike ride.

Saturday morning I went on a 2 mile jog saturday. Did hte first mile in 6:38 (im not too upset with that, taking my lungs back from smoking) and then on way back my knee got aggravated to I had to walk.

Sunday went on a 10-12 mile bike ride around town.

Today is either SiM fun, Firepower, or heavy bells- haven't decided yet.

Friday, March 20, 2009

a great reckoning...

i tried it today- steve maxwell's 300 bw DVD challenge. goal is to complete 30 reps each of 10 different BW drills. there are 3 levels- beginner, intermediate, and advanced (the real workout is the advanced workout).

today for my first try i did a mix of the beginner and intermediate workouts- mostly beginner but a few advanced. the goal is to get it done in under 40 min. steve maxwell gets the advanced done on the DVD in 36 min or so.

i got mine done in 38:49!!!!! i didn't think i'd finish at all but i got it done in time. i then threw up a total of 5 times. it was REALLY hard. the advanced version is beyond my comprehension.

the specifics of the WO looked like this (drills are paired off going through reps between one and the other for pacing reasons, then a little water and shake-it-out-break before going on to the next pair)
1. pull ups
2. push ups
3. bw squats
4. v sit ups
5. bw rows
6. dive bombers (this was terrible!)
7. bw sumo squats (my hip flexibility blows mountain goats)
8. bicycles (steve maxwells bicycles are disgusting)
9. mountain climbers (FULL leg extensions w. hips locked out)
10. burpees (real ones, look up steve maxwell's version of the burpee)

This workout was terrible and tempestuous as the sea. i'm hooked. at least once a week maybe, MAYBE twice a week.


Wed I did Strengh in Motion and actually did really well with it. For the firt time ever I actually pulled off the alternating clean. I didn't get 30 full seconds of it but I did it and got the mechanics of it for about 1/2 the time called for so I'll take it as a victory. Yesterday I took off. I'll be back on today, Sat & Sun to get in my five days this week.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

20 min of hell

I warmed up with some of the drills from steve maxwells 300 challenge dvd. I did some of the modified hindu push ups and some deck squats.

Then I got to business and did the 1-10 burpee ladder w/ 10 swings before each ladder. I set the timer to 20 min w/ the goal of going through 1-10-10-1 in that time frame. Not even close. I got through 1-10 w/ about 1.5 min remaining and I was done. That shit KILLED me. I'm sort of bummed I was so far off from my goal but the good news is when my heart dropped back into my chest I tried some of the single leg deck squats from the 300 DVD and I could do them! I did 5 a leg and called it a day.

Today is going to be KB day.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Day off- sort of

I took the day off to rest, it was hard but I felt like I needed it b/c I'm really sore. I can never tell when I need to take a day or not and when I do I always feel guilty like I'm being lazy.

I watched the Steve Maxwell 300 BW DVD. Steve Maxwell is a beast- I think he survives on a diet of other people's fears and the tears of small children. The beginner version of the challenge is enough to make me want to puke. I can't wait to try it- think I might give it a go tonite.

Yesterday I screwed around with some pull ups and push ups, working on my form based on the instruction of Mr. Maxwell. I even tried some of the advanced variations form the DVD- the twisting or half-moon push up. That shit is NO JOKE. SM makes it look effortless but it is anything and everything that is not effortless. I'm sure my form blew goats and it was still hard as hell.

I am realyl excited about this 300BW DVD. If you're into BW training at all I HIGHLY recommend it. You can find it here-

Monday, March 16, 2009

"Depression's got a hold of me, depression! I gotta break free..." - Black Flag

last nite i got super depressed out of nowhere. i could physically feel it like a hole in my chest. so i decided to go outside around 10:30 and try and work it out.

I did 5 rounds of
3 double 20KG snatches-to 17 yards rack walk-to 3 double 20KG squats-to 17 yards rack walk back to start.

5 rounds of 8 double 20KG wide-leg deadlifts, really focusing on form and keeping core tight.

5 rounds of 20 fig8toH

My lower back was super tight and I was done. Didn't feel like breathing was a challenge anymore so it worked.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

cold and rainy, totally unmotivated workout

Yesterday I wasnt feeling it at all but I made myself do something. I wound up with 5 rounds of 5 reps each (except BPS) w/ the 24KG doing

BP singles R/L

descending twists
leg raises
L-seat pull ups

I am sore today.

Saturday, March 14, 2009


I watched the MoS on AoS Resolution again. I decided to a version of it. I say version b/c i don't have the workout. I just went by the protocol Anthony D layed out on the video.

I took heaviest bell I can swing for sets of 30 which is 24KG. I might able to do more but I dont have a bell heavier right now (and I'm not sure I could anyways) and the heaviest bells I can press for 5 reps- the two 20Kgs.

I did as many sets of 30 swings and 5 double C&P's I could do in 30 min. I got 6.5 sets, almost intermediate. I was pretty ok with that. Felt like a pretty strong workout. Gonna try it again with some more fervor next time. Going to do some BW stuff today along with some GTG BP's and maybe some snatches.

Thursday, March 12, 2009


I did 3 rounds w/ the 24KGs of

5 alt chest presses
5 RR

65-70 yards walking lunges w/ squats (lung R, lunge L, bw squat)

Then I did 3 rounds of GTG singles w/ the 24KG bent press

FInished off with ab work from AoS Newport- descending twists, single leg raises, double leg raises and planks (F, R, L, F)straight thru=, 30 seconds per position.

Adding those squats in with the lunges was brutal. I am really getting back into BW excercise and am thinking about doing more of it and focusing my bell work on maybe 3-5 key excercises i.e. swings, C&P, snatch, & TGU (i really like the BP and the 2HA so i feel like they should make the cut, that and the windmill).d I dont know... I was reading steve maxwell's blog and hes a HUGE BW culture proponent. And hes a monster. I just need to think about it more.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Up keep

Monday I worked late and went to see Austin Lucas play and yesterday I had hte ebst migraine for about 10 hours so... I haven't done shit in the last 2 days. Feel lame about it.

That changes this afternoon though. Gonna get serious with the 24's.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Breaking through

Jenn B tried my burpee in 10 min workout and she doesnt really do them ever. She got 59 in 10 min, 75 in 14. I had to step it up. I said I was too sore to do it yesterday and that I would get on it today. She called me out. So I went homne, grabbed the kitchen timer, set it to 10 min and got to business.

I GOT 85 DONE IN 10 MIN! HA! amazing what a little motivation can do. That tells me when I am by myself I am not training hard enough. 85 is so close to 100. I am amped. I am going to have to redo my goal for the end of summer on this burpee challenge I have made to myself.

After 10 min I thought I might die. I caught my breath in a bout 3 min and felt like I needed to do more b/c I only worked for 10 min.

SO I planned 6 rounds of 35 yards of walking lunges with an AoS Newport ab drill before each one. I got 3 ab drills and 2 rounds of lunges. My legs were dead from the burpee jumps. On the ab work i got F,L,R,F planks 30 sec each straight thru, alternating leg raises and descending twists.

I hurt.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

75 in 17

I drank a lot TH. The rule is, if I drink a lot the night before, the next day I have to work out, regardless of shitty I feel. I got home, wife was at a pyschology dinner work funciton thing. I walked the dogs and then I got down to it. I couldnt decide what I wanted to do and hoenstly, my ass is so sore from those walking lunges I did Th during the day, there wasnt a lot I could do so I decided it was time for an all burpee workout (esp with my new revelation on burpee form).

I just went for it with sets of 5, 10 second breaks and back on it. Eventually the monatany got to me and I threw in a few 1-5 ladders w/ breaths between sets matching the reps. I did a total of 75 in 17min. I'm pretty sure that sucks donkey dick BUT last time I tried to do 100 burpees I did them all but the last 40 or so looked like hammered dog shit and it took me damn well near 45 min to do them. SO I will take 75 CLEAN burpees in 17 min as porgress. My goal is to get 100 done in under 10 min. Work to do friends, work to do.

PS. I am REALLY sore from those 75 I did last nite. My nerves are sailing on seas of lactic acid.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

mid-day madness

having a terrible day at work. feel like i'm 13yrs old again, so mad, like physically mad, that i had to get out of here and go home and work out.

did a workout wiht the 24Kg's. havent done that in a while. it kicks my ass hard. that weight is 34% of my body weight. it always feel defeating b/x my numbers just go down with it and i am wrecked at the end.

i did 3 rounds of

2R/L TGU's
5R/L RR's
5R/L alt chest presses
60 yards walking lunges
ab excercise from newport (1: desc twists, 2: F,L,RF plank, 3: single leg raises)

repeat 3 times. fucking killed me.

"All you forgotten in the projects, all you #ers in the cell blocks, to all you sweatin' in the detox, to all you hoods that are out dodgin cops.."

didn't work out yesterday. i suck. have to go out tonite for work but going home early to get it in.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

sweating it out

was hungover all day. got home did 200 swings with the 24KG. 5 sets of 30 and a 5-10-15-20 ladder. i;m getting my set #ers up from 20 to 30. it made my forearms and wrists TIGHT. gotta get back to sets of 50.

today will be some sort of fun, not sure what yet thoguh.. i think it will need to involve RR's, bent presses, burpees and lunges.

Monday, March 2, 2009

153lb workout

I was really sore from the workout Saturday. Did body weight drills at the park while little kids started at me like I was a space alien.

All pull ups were done ona rep range that was 1-2 reps away from failure, except first round

1-5 regular pull up ladder
3 non-stop rounds 10-2 descending twist-crunches from Newport
alternate grip pull ups both ways
1 min leg raises
close grip pull ups
front, left, right, front planks 30 seconds each pose, no breaks
mountain climber pull ups left & right
single leg raises from Newport 15R/15L
under handed pull ups
12 spiderman push ups

7-1 burpee ladder. really working on improving these and i figured out how, i ma hitting the deck harder on the way down- really dropping into it and throwing myself out into the push up- its making a difference. i can do more, faster.

i am really fucking sore today. might do 11 min of swings or i might take day off b/c i my body might need the rest- i can never tell.