Thursday, February 25, 2010


hard style swings and TGU's. all the time. everyday.

form is getting better. i can feel it. i'm liking it. very excited about where this all will take me.

Monday, February 22, 2010


most every day this week except saturday I did

mobility drills- halos, goblet squats, planks, moving planks
10x10 2 handed 20KG swings, sometimes resting 15min between sets, other times only rest 5-10 min

10 x 1/1 TGU w/ 20KG. sometimes waiting 30 min between reps, sometimes only waiting 10min.

life is hectic and i can't always follow my prescribed sets/time.

only one to 2 more weeks of this. thank god. b/c it is seriously fucking with my head. i know i am rebuilding a base and focusing on form- which will make me stronger and better. but for now it makes me feel like i'm not doing anything. i know that's all in my head- but it's still there.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Day 1, Year Zero

Yesterday I started what I will be doing for next 3 weeks.

Mobility Warm Up-
5min crocodile breathing
3 sets 10/10 halos
3 sets 5 goblet squats

Nekkid TGU's

3 reps per piece of the exercise with maximum focus on form, alignment, positioning and flexibility (even w/o weight, doing it like this was hard- i was sweating, short of breath, and my shoulders and core were burning)

10 x 10 swings w/ 14 moving planks L and 10 moving planks right before each set. 15 min rest after each set.

doing this was SO hard on my brain. waiting those 15 min between sets drove me CRAZY. almost 2.5 hours to do 100 20KG swings was a total mind fuck.

but I am working on it. Just have to remind myself I am rebuilding a stronger, correct base and the strength gains I will get from training smarter will be huge.

Monday, February 15, 2010

The journey officially begins...

Saturday afternoon I met up with Doug at a park by his house and he gave me a crash course run down in what he learned at the HKC certification he attended a few weeks ago.


It blew my mind. Doug is going to help me train for the RKC in October and the next 2-3 weeks are going to be a huge mind fuck for me. All I will be doing will be swings and TGU's... the catch is how I will be doing them. REALLY concentrating on form. Half of the TGU's I will be doing won't even have any weight in them.

I will say this though, I was really sore from my time at the park with Doug and the only weight I ever touched was a 16KG bell and I don' think I did more than 20 swings. It was all focused on form and functional movement drills.

It is going to be a wild wild wild 3 weeks. I cannot wait to see what happens on this journey! I am actually anticipating some crazy gains in mobility and strength.

It kicks off today when I get home.

Friday, February 12, 2010

self-reflection day at the office

i was thinking about things and realized this about myself-
i DO like that i am a caring person and i empathize with people BUT
i also want to be a machine- both physically and mentally (in the the mentally tough sense)
i want to carve myself from stone and wood.
i want to be born again hard.
i want to put myself through physical hell and come out the other side of it made anew
so that if life ever hands me anything like it- i have already been there, done it and know i can handle it.

thinking about this made me amped. so....

today i am going to go home early and play with my barbell set and try and put it over my head for the first time. i will also be doing sets of 10 double 24KG swings.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

For Doug

appreciate it buddy take a look at these two and let me know.


"This love will persevere long after our bodies have died..."

"and come what may i know that i'll survive
but life puts your will to the test
of love and death and baited breath
i lost again
i put the pen to the paper
so read the words i wrote as favors
i wrote this song to let you know my friend
to serve a constant reminder
and come what may, i'll still be here
needing you, and i know you need this too
this heart, this heart of mine has seen so many things
and i know that they were untrue, but i've never doubted you
so please, please don't take for granted
what we have achieved
know that you are my everything
there is no me without a you
and come what may, i'll still be here
love every moment
cherish every second i have with you
you'll never walk alone
i'll never leave your side
this love will persevere long after our bodies have died
let me wash away every tear you've ever cried
you'll never walk alone
i'll never leave your side
they can't take it away
(love) the only thing that makes this life worth living
we'll always carry each other
we'll carry on"
-Reign Supreme
"And Come What May"


I don't do it often but yesterday it was raining, dark and 38 degrees. so i got down in the house AND I didn't break anything when I did-

5 rounds of 20 double 20KG swings then 5 rounds of 4R/4L double 20KG windmills.

Double windmills are FUN- OH how I have missed that old friend.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Monday madness back on the bells went like this

5 rounds 2 rung C&P ladders with the 24KG

4 rounds 5-7 second dragon flags

1 round 24KG TGU 3R/3L

then alt 4 rounds w/ 24KG of....

1R/1L TGu - 5R/5L snatches + one final round of 5R/5L snatches.

I will be doing 50 snatches a day, every day this week and next week we will crank it up to 100 with the goal of getting to 200. Once I get to 200, I will time it then start dialing down the time to get that RKC requirement met.

Oct 2010 baby!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Weekend Recap

Friday was a GOOD day-

4 rounds of

20 double 20KG swings
6-8 double 20KG presses(R1= see saw, R2= double M&P, R3= alt presses, R4+single ladders)
5 pull ups

Sat was OFF

heavy dead lifts- did 225lbs again. 5x5. This time was MUCH better. My legs were 100% up to the task. MY grip though, on sets 4 and 5 around rep 3 got a little wonky/shaky. I think I am going to use that weight 1 more time this week and then jump to 235lbs.

This week I am focusing more on my KB training for the RKC- swings, C&P's and snatches- all w/ the 24KG. Last week I was on the road so much it was difficult.

Friday, February 5, 2010

This week so far

Mon- OFF to recoup from heavy DL's

Tues- drove all day for work to SA and back

Wed- hustled in office for 8 hours getting ready to head back to SA, drove back to SA, worked out in hotel room- did following

4 rounds alternating between 10 strict, slow nekkid warrior push ups and 15 scissor leg raises

4 rounds alt between 10 controlled ass to heal air squats and 1 min F/R/L/F planks

2 rounds 10 body weight rows from under desk in hotel room

TH- drive all day in SA then got back to town. CRASHED

Today is Friday and I've got a date with my bells. Swings and Snatches and pull ups.

Monday, February 1, 2010

ok ok ok

so Monday of last week i was in Austin and I got to hang out with my friend Nia while she trained her clients. I got busy in her driveway with her rope and a 24KG bell.

I alternated between 30 seconds of rope, 10 seconds rest, 5 snatches a side, and some sort of core drill (scissor leg raises, v-ups, F/R/L planks). Did this for about 25 min. Then went inside to watch her clients finish.

While inside I got sucked into practicing my C&P's w/ the 24KG. And then I was done.

This apparently did me in b/c the next day I woke up sick.

Didn't do anything else last week until Th and Fri where I got antsy and practiced my push up form. Did about 50 on TH and 40 on Fri.

Stayed with my 5x5 dead lifting routine. This week it was time for 225lbs and that folks is where things got interesting. I almost didn't make my 5x5 with this weight. Maybe it was because I had been sick and it was cold as hell outside or maybe it's because this was the weight where things got hard. I am strongly considering using the weight again this Sunday and if it is as hard, I'll stick with it one more week and if it just goes up, then I know it was because I was recovering from being sick.
Regardless of that stuff- I am FEELING it today. Legs and entire core region are wrecked.
You want harder, stronger core muscles- do heavy dead lifts.