Sunday, May 31, 2009


It was hot today, 101 with the ehat index. Trying to get back into the habit of being able to handle the heat. Did AoS Strength in Motion and almost managed to use only the 15 second rest periods for most of it. The heat slowed me down a bit and there 3-4 times during the workout that i pushed the rest to 20-30 seconds. Considering it was my hottest day so far to workout, I'll take it as progress.

So I'm going to write this down as a more concrete thought. I feel like my diet choice as a vegetarian makes it harder for me to gain strength and eat healthy. Part of that might be an excuse I make to myself but I feel like so much of what I eat as a veegetarian is processed- by nature of being what it is its processed. If I ate meat, would I eat better? Probably not. Nutrition and I are odd. Do I eat well? Do I not? I have no idea. The matter is that sometimes I think if I ate grilled or baked lean meats it would do something for me that I am lacking. Who knows.


Friday, May 29, 2009

Field Day

Jonathan brought his friend over yesterday and we had a field day- literally.

Flipped the 550 pound tire to other end of field for warm up- 65 yards.

KB's @ other end of the field and body weight station in the middle so this was a "V" as opposed to our traditional "W" set up (Jonathan's friend is a little out of shape and was his first time out- we wanted him to come back)

3 rounds

R1- 30 swings w/ 24KG, 10 push ups, 24 R/L 18lb sledge hits, 65 yrd sprint back
R2- 5 C&Push Presses, double 24KG's, 30 bycicles & 15 sec plank, 24 R/L 18lb sledge hits, 65 yrd sprint back
R3- 5 snacthes to 5 fig8 to holds R/L, 10 advancved dive thru push ups, 24 R/L 18lb sledge hits, 65 yrd sprint back

It was a good workout. Also Jonathan brought his 40lb XVest that I jogged with for a little while and tried some pull ups- I got 4.5.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Got to Vegas Sunday.

Worked out in hotel gym Monday- body weight drills. HILARIOUS! People stared, a lot. One -roided out guy started talking shit on my pull ups. I was on number 47 of 50 and they were getting hard. He was pulling down the full stack on the lat pull down machine. I invited him to do a pull up. He olbiged and after 3 failed attempts stormed off and I finished my set of 50 and moved on to burpees. I asked how all that weight he was pulling was treating him if he ever had to pull himself up from a cliff ro a ledge- he responded with a heart-felt 'fuck you'. I guess he wasnt amused.

Tuesday back in gym, deadlift time. I worked up to 5 sets of 4 pulling 220 or 230- I can't remember. @ 147lbs I am happy with that.

Wed-Th I did nothing.

Started back to work Th night at 2nd job. Came home, crashed. Fri- Sat I did bodyweight drills @ 2nd job lots and lots of push ups, burpees, planks and ab drills on Friday. Saturdayt was assisted pistols. I did 30 on each leg throughout the day. At that pace I am hoping to be able to do them on my own by end of summer- which was a goal I had set. Yay.

Monday was first KB workout in a while. Used 24KG. Warmed up with mowing yard w/ push mower then on to 4 rounds of
5 swings
5 snatches
5 windmills
5 squat-to-push-press

each drill on both sides then on to the next one without setting down the bell. The 24KG is heavy. I hate it. My shoulders are sore today.

Sunday, May 17, 2009


Fuck being sick. Felt so tired this week, Mon Tues Wed... Then Th I wake up and get going and I start to feel like hell and I realize I'm not tired, I'm getting sick. I leave for Vegas today so I immediately dropped everything and got on the couch and didnt move for two days. Drank tons of water, airborn, theraflu, etc.

Feel better. Leave today at 6PM. Plan on doing the hotel workout all week. Burpees, deck squats, pistols, push ups, et al.

Thursday, May 14, 2009


Did Resolution I yesterday. 30 Min. Got 8 rounds. I can honestly say I probbaly could have gotten 9 or all 10 in the 30 min if I would have done it inside. Yesterday was the hottest day so far in Houston for the year- only 93 (and humid. It's gonna get worse for sure but that's the hottest its been in about 8 months or so and my body needs to get used to the heat again- which is why I worked out outside even though I knew it was going to put the hurt on me.

It did put the hurt on me. I felt like I was cooking. Summer is going to be fun fun fun.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

15/15 of 6

Did VWC workout yesterday. Made it through 42 sets of 6 on the 15/15protocol. Last time I got 46 I believe. This was only third time I've done the workout. The first time I got 40.

It was hard yesterday. I coulnd't have pressed past 42. I'm not dissapointed in that or feel liked I failed. Getting to 42 on that bastard was victory enough.

Today will either be SiM or Resolution II - ALSO slight possibility I will try my Navy Seal FitDeck again. Decisions, Decisions.

Monday, May 11, 2009


Friday at work I did more push ups and Saturday I did planks all day. 1 min intervals. Did about 18-22 of them. Lost track somewhere.

Today is viking warrior protocol day! YAY!

With this new schedule I am going to HAVE to workout Mon-Th b/c the Th nite thru Sat nite extra work schedule leaves me way too tired to workout. Mon-Th and sat all bw practice at work could be a good schedule.

Friday, May 8, 2009


Did 220 push ups last nite at work. Its what I could get done.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Happy about SOMETHING

Got serious.

4 rounds of

2R/L Bent Press w/ 24KG
5R/L RR w/ 24KG
10 front squat w/ 24KG
3 full body attack with double 24Kgs

I am excited I could do the double 24KG full body attacks. I cut about 3 pounds from not really drinking as of late. I am down to 148lbs. At that weight, the 24KG full body attack has me moving 72% of my body weight. I can be happy with that.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009


So despite hell breathing down my neck and high water at my chest, I did AoS Resolution II yesterday.

I got my portable IPod dock and my workbook and my bells and walked out to the park. I did some good morning stretches w/ the 24KG and got ready. I looked at the workbook and read the workout to remind myself and I had an "AH HA!" moment where I realized that last time I did the workout, I didn't just miss it a bit but in fact I did it TOTALLY WRONG!

Last time I did rounds 1-5 Laddering from 1-5, 1-4, 1-3, 1-3, 1-3.

It is supposed to be a 1-3 ladder 5 times, 4 times, 3 times, etc...

I got to round 3 w/ the push ups and the deadlifts (using two 24KG's) in the 30 min alotted and I was dying. C&P is one of my weaker excercises actually so I am pretty excited it got to round 3 doing it correctly as at that point I had 180 reps done. That is a lot fo grinding. I will def keep doing this one as it will really improve my C&P strength. The volume on this WO is ridiculous!

I am sore sore sore today.

PS: i'm reading the warrior diet right now and I'm really not sure what I think about it. Some people I highly respect follow it so I cannot discredit it but I am not sure my lifestyle will permit me to do it correctly and it seems like a diet that if you do it, you HAVE to do it right or you could get into serious trouble.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


I didn't work out yesterday. I went to bed @ 7:30PM last nite. I guess I can't beat myself up too much b/c for some reason I was exhausted and when you need sleep like that- you should sleep.

Resolution II will happen today though come hell or highwater.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Push Ups- All Day

I had to work all day and night Saturday. Having worked all night Friday I knew a Sat AM workout wasn't happening so I did push ups all day through the day on Saturday. I lost count but I think I did somewhere between 140-160 push ups- either coach maxwell approved dive-thrus (advanced version) or coach maxwell approved strict form push ups. My arms are still sore.

Today is AoS Resolution II.

ps: Lola, if you read this email me @ I cannot email you b/c your blogger profile is set to private. I have something I want to email you regarding KB training.

Friday, May 1, 2009

To all of you Pitbull Haters out there...

So on a unrelated-to-fitness-note-

I have two gorgeous and amazing pit bulls. They are my family's best friends and protectors. I don't own a shotgun b/c I have burke- the big guy below

His little sister mamma dog is tuff stuff too

That being said- ask any of our friends who come over and they will tell you they are the biggest, goofiest, most loveably stupid lap dogs ever.

You get what you raise. Behavior is truth. There is no such thing as a "BAD BREED". Assholes. Don't make bullshit laws that try and take my dogs away because you're too fucking ignorant and lazy to actually do your homework and or actually meet some pitbulls that arent owned by low life peices of shit that have no business having a dog in the first place.
Red about Michael Vick's (i hope they feed you to hyenas you fuck) dogs that were rescued by loving families. See how those dogs are doing. They arent eating kids. NOPE. They are just like my lap dogs.

Consider yourselves educated.


i had to get in something fast yesterday. didnt have time for an AoS workout.

i tried my hand again at the 1-10 burpee ladder with 10 swings in between each rung.

last time i did it was the first time and i was still smoking. i had planned to do 1-10/10-1. it took me almost 30 min to get through 1-10 and i was dead. pathetic. i felt like a loser.

yesterday i tried it again, this time i haven't smoked in over 4 months. i only did 1-10 BUT i finished that motherfucker in 13 MIN!!

thats right. AND i had something left in the tank. I did 2 sets of 3 windmills R/L alternated between 30 coach maxwell approved bicycles.

i felt GOOD when I was done. not sure what i'm going to have time for today. gonnahve to be another quickie. david whitley sent out an email for a double KB workout that i might run through.