Thursday, January 29, 2009

A little of this, a little of that

4 rounds. no rest between excercises, strict 30 sec break between rounds.

2L/R Bent press (20KG)
5 swing to 5 rack-squat L/R (24KG)
5 pull ups
1-5 ladder chest presses L/R (24KG)

On the 4th round there was about a 15 second break sucking wind and wheezing (bronchitis is a bitch to totally get over) before the pull ups started and I only got 1-3 on the chest pressing ladders. Like Pavel and Anthony D say, I was leaving something in the tank. I probably could have done 1-2 more reps on either side.

Good work out. The bent pressing is comming along nicely. Pretty soon I'm going to step up my rep range on them.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Getting dirty w/ the filthy 50..

As I have said many times I love/hate this workout from that monster of a man, Ross Ennamit (sp?). It looks soooo simple on paper

5 rounds, 60 second breaks.
5 swings R
5 swing L
5 snatches R
5 snatches L
10 burpees
= a total of 50 reps on all hence the "Magic 50" or the "Filthy 50".

I haven't done this in a while. For whatever reason, my snatches have really improved so the snatches on this no longer bother me (around round 4 they used to kick my in the teeth. This time around swings and snatches throughout the whole thing where 'heh' but those burpees- those damn burpees. Brutal. This time I really stuck with the 60 second break for almost the whole time. After round 4 I was wheezing so bad I had to stop for about 90 seconds. Overall it was great.

I finished up with 3 rounds of bent presses w/ the 20 KG, 2R/2L and TGU singles w/ the 24KG.

I am sore sore sore today and will be resting. I am happy to note that I did get my 5 days in last week on week 2 of the 6 weeks to Glory plan I am on. This is week 3- half way through- and while rolling my ankle last Monday fucked up some of my plans (AoS Firepower and Tire Flipping) I am hoping that by this Sat I'll be able to add in Firepower and by next Monday I will be hanging out with my tire again.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

...and then you meet the bear.

I was going to do something kind of 'light' because Ive got some wierd issues at the moment with my ankle still being tender and my neck/shoulder having some serious crick/nerve issue- i'm fucking falling apart- BUT... I can never do light so well.

I got out to the park and wasn't sure what I would do. The plan originally would have had me doing AoS Firepower today but my ankle isn't ready yet. So I decided to do snatch ladders 1-10/10-1 L&R. At first in my head they were going to breathing ladders (1/1, 2 breaths, 2/2, 4 breaths,etx) but I started and just did sets 1-5 w/o stopping. Then I took 30 secs, did sets 6-7 without stopping. Took 1 min, did set 8, 1 min, set 9, 30 sec, set 10. Then 40 yards walking lunges across the small field and back to the bell. Did set 10 and after that I met the bear.. do you guys know the bear? Let me take a break and tell you about the bear-

When you meet the bear, he usually gets in your way and hands you either a couch or a refrigerator or sometimes both. He then tells you that if you want to continue, you must carry the said items, along with him on your back otherwise he will promptly eat you.

So after set 10 part deux, I met the bear. I was determined to get all my ladders done so I dug in and picked up the couhc, the fridge, AND the bear and ploughed onwards into the abyss.

I did sets 1-4 after that without stopping. Threw up. Took 2 min. Then did set 9. Threw up. Took 3o seconds, did another set 1-3. Took 2 min. Then did set 1-4, 30 seconds, and another 1-4, 1 min and another 1-4.

Then I fell down and didnt move. 220 snatches is the highest rep count I have ever done with the 20KG. It fucked me up. I was going to try some TGU's or something else but that was enough. Tomorrow I will be sore in my core, thighs, and biceps.

Watchout for that bear, he's a motherfucker.


Yesterday I was reading Jen's blog and decided I would do my next workout with more rounds and less variety in exercises. My ankle was feeling a little sturdier so Friday night I went out to the park and did

5 rounds w/ 20KG

2R/2L bottums swing to bottus up press (i have gotten weak at these, could only get 2 on my left side for 3 rounds)

10 between the leg passes going each way

2R/2L bent presses

did this with no rest between exercises and not setting down the kettlebell. only 30 seconds break between rounds.

finished with 3R/3L TGU's and some ab work

was a great workout. really felt good.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Gimp Workout

My ankle is still jacked so yesterday was all sitting or laying down

4 sets of 10R/10L seated press with the 20KG (really amde my left shoulder angry)

4 sets 3R/3L 1/2 get-up sit ups

5x5 single sided floor presses w/ 24KG. these were actually hard and took a toll on me. i will get 4 days this week but days 3 and 4 will prolly be sat and sunday where one day will be a push up/pull up marathon. i am also thinking more floor presses and if i can put weight on it right snatches and bent presses.

Monday, January 19, 2009

We're arsonists among architects!

"This is the sound that it makes when it all comes crashing down. We're arsonists among architects, and we'll burn this fucker to the ground."
or maybe
"Heaven please lay waste to this, cause no good will ever come of it. I am a modern day nero, so hand me a fiddle and bow, cause dancing on ashes and graves is the only joy I know."
and if not that then definately
"These are things I never wanted to say, this is a place I never wanted to be... So let it all come crashing down on me. These are the things that we never ever wanted to know (if the good die young, we'll fucking live forever) With smiling scars across our throats (if the good die young we'll fucking live forever)"

WORKOUT I did this for 3 rounds.
(on video into I say 35yrd sprint its actually closer to 70yrds b/c i go down and back. from ditch to fence is 35yrds)

EVEN BETTER FUCKING NEWS on the last jump before the last sprint I rolled my right ankle. Rolled the fuck out of it- it popped and I hit the ground. I had to get help up and help putting the tire back. I am icing it now. If this puts me out another week + I am gonna be furious. Life seriously hates me. WTF!?!?!? Before I destroyed my ankle I was going to finish this using the 24KG doing 3 rounds of TGU singles R/L 3 rounds of single sided 8-10 floor presses but that didnt happen. didn't even get in the last sprint. I feel cheated.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

damage control, this is the bridge...

as much as i didnt want to, i took today off. i am so sore i cannot move- well not exactly but lets just say my range of motion is actually adn truthfully pretty damned limited. cardio tomorrow. tire tuesday.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

"I put my life on a shelf while everyone around me found happiness and wealth..."

Music has been a part of my life since I can remember. My mom raised me on it- old country and southern rock. When I got old enough I found my own that made sense to me. I had a rough time, I was an angry kid- really angry. I found music that made sense to me.

For some people the music they listen to is just something to take up the dead space in the air while they are going about their lives. For me its always been something to connect to and hold on to when nothing else was there. That's maybe a little dramatic but there were times in my life where I had NOTHING but what was in my tape deck.

It's still like that. Mental illness runs in my family. I refuse to listen to the TV and radio when it tells me I need a pill to feel ok about myself and to function. I don't need to be a perfect machine. I'm not beyond disease. I'm not above defect... that's from a song by The Swarm btw. I use music and excercise to stay balanced in my head. Neither ever lets me down. The following I could not do without (some of these names will sound familiar if you've been following my bullshit for a while)

Blacklisted (Heavier than Heaven/Lonelier than God, The Beat Goes on...)

Blood for Blood (spit my last breath, livin in exile, and outlaw anthems)

Wisdom in Chains (die young, class war)

The Swarm (parasitic skies, old blue eyes is dead, and the split 7" w/ force fed glass if you can find it)

Ruination (year one)

American Nightmare (s/t ep, background music)

Trash Talk (plagues)

This is Hell (sundowning)

SATURDAYS WORKOUT- day 3, week 1 of the 6 weeks back to glory p
While listening to most of this today I took it to myself SERIOUSLY with a good old fashioned circiut.

Started with GTG bent presses. On advice of someone from the AoS forum I tried it with a heavier weight and w/having a better understanding of hte form it was easier BUT I couldn't do the 24KG on my left side so I did 3 sets of 2 a side with the 20KG- felt great but def could use a lot more work.

Then w/ the 24KG(s) I did 4 rounds of
20 swings
5R/5L RR
3R/3L windmills
5R/5L MPs w/ 20KG (on first round I tried 24KG and I could only get 1 per side)

This kicked my ass. I really tried to go through exercises hard, with strict emphasis on form and keeping everything tight. It worked. My whole body is shaking. I also tried to take no break at all from excercise to excercise. It almost worked. I'm still trying to get back to full health and after the RR each round, I was wheezing some. I tried to push through it as much as I could- no vomiting though.

Then after round 4 of the circuit I finished off with
3 rounds back to back R/L single TGU's w/ 24KG.
1 round 8 floor press w/ 24KGs/1 push up
1 round 5 floor press w/ 24KGs/2 push up
1 round 5 floor press w/ 24KGs/3 push up

Then I called it in. That first round of 8 on the floor press was a bit much BUT i did like theory of floor press directly into push ups. It really made me realize I was doing a push up.

Tomorrow is strict cardio day. Jogging and maybe some snatch breathing ladders. After that i will be done with week 1 of my 6 weeks back to glory program.

One more side note- that flurpie day fucked me up. My whole body is sore. Biceps, forearms, legs, lower back (in a good, DL way)- everything.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

I met the devil today...

...and his name is Flurpies. That's right. U read that correctly. A flurpie is a tire flip and a burpie. It requires two people. One person flips the tire and when it goes over they hit the deck and do a burpie. While that person is doing the burpie the other person is flipping the tire back to them. When the rhythm is correctly achieved there is really no break in this. Jonathan met me early this afternoon at my house and we got down with the 550lb tire. GODDAMN I AM OUT OF SHAPE! This workout destroyed me causing me to vomit everywhere at the end.

We did about 5 flips each warming up. Then we did a warm up set of 5 flurpies- it was a warm up set in that it was at a leisurely pace. Then we got serious.

5 sets of 5 flurpies with about 90 seconds in between rounds.

As I looked back and thought about it while my lungs were on fire and I was laying in the middle of the street, trying to catch my breath, not have a coughing fit AND not throw up again - it came to me. Jonathan pushed me harder than I would have pushed myself. When we were doing the tire all the time I would usually only do sets of 3 unless we were doing a max-rep-in-3-min-drill. Anytime we were using tire for any kind of set work, I would do 3 flips. Today I was doing sets of 5. Not counting the 10 I did as a warm up. I did a total of 35-36 tire flips today. And it's my second day back. But still, I am out of shape.

BUT that's ok. I have a 6 week plan I have worked up starting this week. This week is my entry week into the plan. The next 5 weeks will be DISGUSTING. 4-5 days on. On weeks where I do 4 days, 2 will be heavy/hard (heavy bell complexes, tire flips)and 2 will be light (HOC with BW exercises and bells, BW and sprint days or just jogging). One weeks where I do 5 days on it will be 3 heavy/hard, 2 light. I will also be doing Newport, Firepower or SiM one day a week. At the end of week 6 I am taking a week off to recoup and then get back on it and start with the Olympic lifting. My goal is to get most of it back over the next 6 weeks. Its gonna happen and its going to be TERRIBLE but I cannot wait for the challenge. I'm going to eat it for fucking breakfast.

ALSO on a PR note- I FINALLY figured out the bent press. I did 2 on each side today correctly with the 16KG. They were hard but I got them. Was very humbling to do it with that weight but I did it and loved it. I'm going to start doing them with a vengeance. Jonathan has been doing them a lot lately and I asked him to help me get it down and with his assistance I got my first successful rep after about 7 min of couching and adjusting. Apparently I have been hurting my shoulder while I do it because I haven;t been going LOW enough with my body away from the bell. I get to half way and then try and press it the rest of the way which was equally shoulder ouch-age. Jonathan showed where I was pressing when I should be dropping my body lower off the pivot of my hip and twisting my shoulder on the arm without the bell down and towards my other foot. Once I got that it was on like donkey kong. More bent pressing in future. For now being so excited about it, I think I am going to start GTG with them for a while and really work up a fluidity and tolerance for the movement.

Resurfacing for air

I was so sore from my day back Monday Ive taken off last 2 days to recover. The idea was to get back slowly and not over do it. Maybe I over did it Monday, maybe not. But I was sore enough I had to tell myself waiting 2 dayus wasnt being lazy- it was being smart. Still trying to believe that one myself.

I'm back on it today with more running and some snatches, RR's, TGU's and maybe-MAYBE some tire flips here and there.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Optimism and me- a new friendship?

I tried to keep it light on my first day back from being sick and off for 13 days. In my mind it was light, but maybe not, who knows.

Bodyweight HOC. 3 laps= 1 mile. 4 body weight stations through the track. 2 on push ups and 2 on core/ab worlk.

Lap 1: 20 elbows-pinched PU/20 military crunches-20 v-ups/20 slow-form PU/15 alt leg raises a-la-Newport

Lap 2: 15 diamond PU/30 sec front, L, R plank/12 spiderman PU/ 3 sets 10-2 descending twists a-la-Newport

Lap 3: 7 clapping PU/15 R/L standing crunch a-la-newport/5 staggered R/L PU/20 leg scissors-20leg raises

The jogging was at a medium pace. A few times I lost mu wind and I could feel the effects of the bronchitis knocking. I tried to push through and mostly I was successful. On end of lap 2 and during lap 3 i had to stop twice to breath. I also threw up 4 times doing this workout. I thought it was light and not that tough but my body felt it.

I feel GREAT now though. I'm going to do some more running tomorrow and maybe some snatches depending on how my shoulders/neck feel. The meds I am on are giving me awesome muscle cramps and tenderness and my neck/upper shoulder area is really angry about it. Either way I'm doing something.

Back on track and FINALLY getting on top of '09. It's gonna be a great year.

Light at the end of the tunnel...

almost better. lungs clear. i'm going to go for a little jog with some push ups and ab work today. see how i feel tomorrow and then jump back on things SLOWLY, some snatches, C&P's adn TGU's on Wed.

then some other light work this week getting back into it and then by weekend I will do Firepower and next week I ATTACK and go into full destruction mode where no holds are barred.

i am on this bronchial steroid and it is making me SO FUCKING HUNGRY. i am constantly wanting to eat. i am not though b/c i havent been working out and i dont want to gain 8 pounds of pure fat while I'm off.

I started eating fish. I was a big decision I've been thinking about for a while. I'm eating it about once a week. I am curious as to how this is going to effect my workouts. I haven't been able to tell yet because I havent been working out since I started. We shall see soon!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

My lungs are black n blue

I did 6 pull ups last nite and coughed so hard I almost threw up. I am def not ready.

This is gonna take another 1-2 weeks to get rid of thereby putting me out for almost a month.

Fucking awesome.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

I'm Sick and this is totally unrelated

So I don't particularly like this song- its cheesey and it tries too hard and its a commerical watering down of music I love (that's another entry) BUT...

this is the funniest fucking I have EVER seen on youtube. This shit is pure-fucking-unadulterated-genius!

Day 7

Inhaler Dr gave me kept me up until 5:30AM. It was like being back in speed. I am supposed to take it twice a day, in morning and at night. Morning is no problem but I am translating night time from now on to mean 4PM. I took my two puffs this morning and 3 min later felt all jittery and cracked out- no coffee for me.

I probably wont be back into any condition to exercise for at least another week or so... BOOOOO. I am not happy about this at all so my blog will just consist of me complaining about it until I can get back out there.

Speaking of which, when I do get back out there its going to be frustrating because being really sick for a month is going to kill my progress. Whatever.

Side note- that awesome shot I got in my ass still hurts today. Yay for bronchial steroids!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Day 6

Its not the plague- its bronchitis to be exact. After copious amounts of theraflu and mucinex and no results, I sucked it up and went to the doc today. I have bronchitis. YAY! Haven't had that in 13 years. Used to get it all the time. Its due to lifestyle choices I recently threw off again. It was my NYR to keep them gone and this is big sign in the road that a) that was a good decision and b) that i will be sticking to it.

I got a HUGE shot in my non-existent ass that felt great and has me limping around my house with an inhaler, looking for more DVD commentaries to watch b/c I have seen everything I own now too many time in the last week.

Here's to not feeling like shit and being able to breathe without chest rattles in the near future!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Day 4

on the couch and counting. I am going crazy.

Friday, January 2, 2009


I have had some weak version of the flu since wed morning and it is getting old. i havent gotten off of the couch in almost 3 days. boooo.