Monday, December 28, 2009

Thursday and Saturday

Thursday was rushed rushed rushed so it was down and dirty to get in the C&P Ladders

No time for pull ups so just the C&P's. 4 ladders with 4 rungs each. then 2 rounds of 20 snatches with the 20KG. Doing more snatch practice.

Santa came and brought some heavy stuff to my house!

So Saturday it was time to play with my new OLY bar and plates.

Dead lifts-
2 warm up sets of 4-5 reps x 135lbs
3 sets of of 2-3 reps x 216lbs

then I tried windsheild wipers w/ 135lbs on the bar. NICE. Next up

Hang cleans- (never done these before, once I got it down a bit)
3 singles to get it down then
3 sets of 5 x 105lbs

I AM SORE! Today is body weight day. Yes yes yall. I've got a dead lifting program from Pavel that I printed out forever ago. It is filed at my office. Gonna get on that next week most likely.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

SO sincere


Rusty and I FUCKED IT UP at the park. We brought the ruckus...

4 rounds on the fire hose, full body hose slams (see vid below), 30 sec on/30 sec off

then 4 rounds overhead walking lunges w/ 20KG bell (5 a leg)


2 rounds in-n-out 30 sec on/ 30 sec off and 2 rounds twists 30 sec on/30 sec off

then finish with 4 rounds 20 HARDstyle swings, focus on form, 24KG

I changed how we have been doing the hose and it made all the difference. Instead of keeping my arms tight in, I let them out and used my whole body to move the hose. FUCK ME. After the first round of 30 seconds I thought I might throw up. After the 4th round I really thought I might done with working out for the day. We pushed through though and today I can FEEL how hard we worked.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Friday was C&P ladders with pull ups

4 ladders with 4 rungs each and corresponding pull ups. 20KG bell. Doing this until I get comfy at 5 ladders with 5 rungs. Then up to the 24KG. I think it's funny now that the pull up portion of this isn't what kills me. I can do way more pull ups than presses- that's kinda cool.

Spent weekend in jail for warrants. LAME. VERY VERY LAME.

Monday I did a thank-God-I'm-Free! workout at the park. All body weight.

2 rounds 20 $ 1 round 10 nekkid warrior push ups with 10-12 second dragon flags in between push up sets. (if you're not doing your push ups nekkid warrior style- u should. they are f-ing hard! cuts my push up # in half.)

4 rounds of 10 ass-heals-hindu push ups w/ 20 bicycles in between push up rounds.

5 sets of 5 dead-hang-slow-grind pull ups with planks F, R, L planks in between rounds and then 2 rounds of alternating leg raises for the last 2 rounds

4 rounds 6 twisting push ups w/ 10 scissor legged crunches in between sets.

I get my oly bar and plates this week. OH SHIT!

Thursday, December 17, 2009


warm up-
5 pull ups
10 nekked warrior push ups
15 air squats


4 rounds A and 4 rounds B

20 32KG swings
5R/5L renegade rows

10 24Kg goblet squats
3 R/L 24KG military presses

Set b only got 2 rounds and i can no longer press the 24KG on my left side- AGAIN! fuck the h1n1. I've lost it before. I'll get it back again, just annoyed.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009


I haven't been doing enough body weight drills since I got over the H1N1. I know this b/c my shoulders and lats are so so so SO SORE from those push ups I did Sunday. Must endeavor to do more. Going to add a mandatory body weight day back into training and this year, it is official. I AM getting an olympic bar and plates for xmas. It's gonna be a brave new world. I want to be able to hang-clean more than my body weight eventually.
It's gonna get serious in this bitch in 2010!

Monday, December 14, 2009



Another rope workout. This time with shorter breaks.

4 rounds each undulation style. 30 seconds on/30 seconds off


Jogging and body weight circuit training

Ran 1 mile (3 laps). Each lap has equal distance points, each point has a body weight drill

Lap 1
A: 20 nekkid warrior push ups B: 10 ass-to-heals hindu push ups C: 6 twisting push ups D: 10 nekkid warrior push ups
Lap 2
A: 30 alternating leg rasies B: 10 scissor kneed sit ups C: 30 SLOW v-ups D: 30 sec each F/R/L planks
Lap 3
A: 10 SLOW nekkid warrior push ups B: 10 SLOW nekkid warrior push ups

I cut back on lap 3 as I wanted longer intervals of jogging on that one.

Did this workout in my silly-goody Vibram 5-toe shoes. I LOVE running in those things. Awesome.

Getting my ribs tattooed again today so no workouts for the next few days.

Friday, December 11, 2009

swings and presses

Thursday was as many rounds as I could do in 20 min doing
20 32KG swings
5 double 20KG military presses

I got 6 rounds. Not too bad. I usually get 7 and I haven't done a workout like this since I got the H1N1. It was also cold as fuck, i.e. 37 degrees. I'll take it.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Getting Hosed by the Hose

this was, in all honesty, my first REAL workout with the fire hose. it KILLED me. turned my arms and shoulders into jelly and made my lungs feel like i was breathing fire.

3 rounds. 4 sets each round of 30 seconds on full intensity, 1 min rest


Active Rest
2 sets of 10 second dragon flags.


Active Rest
2 sets 10 scissor leg crunches from Bullet Proof Abs

Up-n_down (horse reigns)

After this- destroyed.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Th, Fri and Sat

was leg day. WOBBLES!
wanted 4 rounds- got 3....

20 HARDstyle 32KG swings
10 24KG goblet squats
3R/3L 32KG 1 legged suit case deadlifts
3 10second dragon flags

my dragon flags are getting better!

was sluggish. it snowed here in Houston for EIGHT HOURS STRAIGHT! (that doesn't happen often).
wound up GTG with nekkid warrior push ups. total of 80 throughout whole day.

3 rounds total

round 1
walking pull up drill ladder 1 rep then 2 (hands together, regular, 1Under/1Over, underhand, 1under/1Over, regular- hcanging hand positions at the bottom in a dead hang)
1R/1L 24Kg TGU
5R/5L 32Kg side bends
5 janda sit ups
30 seconds 50' alternating rope undulkations

round 2
2 rep 5 hold chin up drill
1R/1L 24Kg TGU
5R/5L 32Kg side bends
5 janda sit ups
30 second 50' rope undulations

round 3
1-5 chin up ladder. got to 4. 5-rung wasn't happening
5/R/5L 32Kg side bends (TGU's weren't happening)
5 janda sit ups
30 seconds in-and-out 50' rope undulations

30 seconds 50' rope undulations, all out sprint with 10 second intervals on each style- alternating, regular and in-and-out


Thursday, December 3, 2009


down and dirty 5x5

24KG snatches (haven't don't these in forever and i could tell)
double 20KG military press.