Sunday, June 28, 2009


'cuz Mikey loves ya!

Woke up in AM and did 10 pull ups (I've been doing 30 pull ups every saturday morning before I go to job #2 but this Saturday I only got 10)

While at job #2 I did 100 hindu squats and 12 assisted pistols per leg.

When I got home I did not sit down but instead went straight out to the park for ETK.
IT was 5 min of TGU singles with the 24KG. Got 1 more per side this time than I did on Tuesday so 6R/6L in 5 min.

I attacked this like it killed me my mom. Felt DEAD afterwards

Friday, June 26, 2009

ETK heavy style W1D4

Did ETK program min again yesterday afternoon.

Got 1 more round of swings in this time using the 32KG.

Gonna keep at it. Felt strong, that makes me happy.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Did day 2 this afternoon.

After the warmup tried the TGU w/ the 32KG. I got 1 on the right side and ZERO on the left. So I decided to use the 24KG.

In 5 min I did 5R/5L TGU's. They were clean. I took my time and used good form. If I got sloppy could have cranked in 1 more on each side.

I tried doing ETK 2-3 years ago w/ the 24KG on the TGU's and got 3R/2L so I would say this is progress considering I am about 12-15 pounds lighter this time around.

Finished up w/ 3 rounds of
10 leg raises into 20 bicycles (10R/10L) into 10 v-ups.

Felt good and strong!


I decided to redo ETK with the 32KG.

Yesterday I did W1D1. Got through 7 rounds of 20 swings w/ the active rests in 12 min. Not too bad. I was expecting worse.

Today as per the protocol is TGU day. I am going to try the 32KG but I would say there is a good chance that it wont happen. If it doesn't I will either do 1/2 get ups or use the 24KG for the TGU's this time.

This is gonna be fun.

Monday, June 22, 2009

The Rundown- Weekend Wrap Up Edition


Got home early and grabbed the 32KG to get in a workout before job #2. Went to the park to do 1-10 swing and burpee ladders but this time with the super-burpee (add a pull up in after the jump). I got to round round 5 (total of 50 swings and 15 super-burpees) and I had to stop. It was 108 degrees outside and I couldn't go on. Later that night at job #2 I did 200 push ups and some bicycles.

At job #2 did 100 push ups and 100 hindu squats

Clean and press + pull up ladders w/ the 24KG
3 ladders w/ 3 rungs each.
I did this pretty much as soon as I woke up b/c of Father's Day obligations. I hate working out in the morning. I suck at it. My body doesn't want to work so heavy C&P at the time was aweful but I got it done.

Friday, June 19, 2009


Jonathan came over. I introduced him to ym new friends- the 32KG comp bell and the BTB.

We did C&P ladders w/ pull ups.

I used the 24KG and he used the 32KG.

3 rounds of 3 ladders
1R/1L/1PU - 3R/3L/3PU

Did bycicles and planks between rounds.

I am excited because I could not have done that previously w/ the 24KG as pressing that bitch has been the bane of my existence forever. After palying with the 32KG, it feels lighter.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Proving It

Two videos
1. I did it. I can snatch the 32KG on my right side, haven't tried left yet. But I did it on the right. that is 2.5 lbs shy of 1/2 of my body weight.

2. 32KG circuit below. Did 4 rounds of these 5 excercises- swings, bent over rows, windmills, floor presses, side bends.


didn't do shit sunday or yesterday.

i did however, workout at job #2 all night Friday and all day/night saturday

Friday night-
GTG w/ 24KG C&P. lost count but over about 8 hours I did somewhere between 25-35. I'm good with that b/c its more than I could do w/ that weight on that drill in a given session.

total of about 100-130 swings w/ the 32KG
20R/L bent over rows
a handful of windmills and some between the leg passes.

that fucker is still heavy with a capital H.

i plan on playing with the 32KG again today.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

God said to Abraham "kill me a son"
Abe said "man you must be puttin me on"
God said "no",
Abe said "what?"
God say "you can do what you wanna but the next time you see me comin you better run..."
Well Abe said "where dyou want this killin done?"
God said "out on highway 61"

My New Friend

Is orange and weighs 32KG. That is 2.5 pounds away from being 1/2 of my body weight.

My competition bell was dropped off to my porch yesterday from someone off of the AoS forum and I got one hell of a deal on it.

I got home from work at 8:30 last nite and despite having had a cocktail earlier at a meeting, I had to play with it.

Changed clothes, went outside.

Upon picking it up to go to the park I realized- "wow, this thing is heavy".

It is officially the heaviest bell I have ever used. I was a little nervous about it b/c I wasn't sure what I could do with it. Instead of trying a 'workout', I just played with it. It was so much fun!! Very different doing that much weight. Dynamics totally different.

I wound up doing
3 rounds of 10 swings
3 rounds of 3 windmills R/L
3 rounds of slingshots
3 rounds of btwn the leg passes
3 rounds of 3 cleans R/L
2 rounds of 3 push presses R/L
2 rounds of single rack squats R/L (HARD)
3 rounds of 3 bent over rows R/L
3 rounds of 5 side bends R/L

Then I TRIED to snatch it- not even close. Maybe fresh I would get closer but I dont think I can.

I am going to go old school with this weight and my 24KG. I am going to start doing pressing ladders again with my 24KG. they will be small but I can get 3-5 reps a side with it and that's way more than I could do last year at this time. I can do enoguh with the 24KG to start laddering my pressing.

With the 32Kg its going to be all swings and TGU's.

I will reforge myself born-again-hard with this weight.

By this time next year I want to be doing double 32KG drills. That will be damn near 100% of my bodyweight with bells.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


got out the Bulgarian Training Bag again (BTB) and my 24KG bell.

Did 4 rounds of the following circuit

Pick up BTB and without putting it down- 3 around the torso revolutions, 5 swings btwn the legs up and over behind back, 5 jumping squats, jog over to pull up bar, 1 weighted pull up, jog back to bells. Drop BTB, 5R/5L chest presses, 4R/4L windmills.

1 min break


Finished off walking 1/3 mile alternating between bag resting on my shoulders and locked out above my head in both hands. Back, arms, shoulders were on fire!

That bag is the devil. I am SORE all over. Look at the video a few posts back and make one. It really fun to use and it WILL rearrange your world.

Monday, June 8, 2009


FINALLY got through the 8-rounds-in-30-min-barrier I have had on AoS Resolution I.

as many rounds in 30 min as you can of
30 swings
5 double military presses

sounds easy. nope. i have not been able to get passed 8 rounds for about 1.5 months now. i've been using the 24KG for the swings and 20KG's for the double MP's.

Today I FINALLY got 9 rounds in, finally. When I get to 10 rounds, I will move on to Resolution II (which I've done here and there but have decided to back off until I can get 10 rounds on Res I at least twice in a row).

That workout hurts.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Carrying the Weight...

So yesterday I came up with this idea to incorporate my new toy- th ehomade bulgarian sand bag (BSB) into my workout without repeating the drills I did yesterday.

I did the following
4 rounds alteranting between these two drills

R1- BSB around neck approx 35lbs, suitcase DL two 24KG bells into farmers carry for 30 yards, set down, 10 squats, suitase DL farmers carry 35 yards, 5 R/L lunges, suitcase deadlift to farmers carry 35 yards set down 10 squats, suitcase deadlift to farmers carry 30 yards to finsih. takes approx 3-4min.

R2- rack walk two 24KG bells 30 yards, 1 min front plank, rack walks bells 35 yards, 30 v-up crunches, rack walk 35 yards, 30 seconds R side plank, 30 second L side plank, rack walk to finish.

I repeated R1 & R2 twice. Then I jogged about 1/4-1/3 of a mile with the BSB around my neck. Took it off and ran 4 rounds of 65 yard sprints. Then i was DONE.

Some thoughts:
I tried to do the rack walks with the BSB around my neck. I couldn't clean to the two 24KG's with it around me. Partially because it got in the way and also b/c it may have been too heavy. I know i could clean two 65lb bells. But with the extra 35lbs around my neck, pushing down on me- it was a very different experience and it wasn't quite happening.

Let me tell you this- this workout was fucking hard. Carrying that weight like that is draining. even when you drop the bells that BSB is still around your neck and for little-ol-me, that 35lbs gets OLD after a while. It was a great workout and a great conditioning/stregnth builder. Working under that weight for that long zaps you.

Monday, June 1, 2009

DIY Awesomeness

Saw this on Zach Even Esh's blog today (its the underground strength link to the right). It is a bulgarian sandbag and I made one just like one in video today for $28 bucks. See video below of me showing it off and attempting to do drills I saw Matty in the youtube video doing.

I did the round in the video + 2 more to practice then did a circuit of 4 rounds
BSB circuit
6 double 24KG chest presses
5 R/L 24KG RR's
1 R/L bent press
1 min rest
repeat x4

This was brutal. That BSB is the SHIT. It wrecked my back and shoulders and arms, not to mention my lungs.