Tuesday, December 21, 2010



went jogging and did jump rope sets every block i passed. was good except i did too much jump rope and my calves cramped. hard. had to walk 2 miles monday to get it back to just feeling sore-ish. lesson learned.


first real-ish day back. did 16min of 24KG swings and pull ups. 10 swings/3 pull ups. got 11 sets done. was total hell on my lungs. gonna be a rough road back from being sick but i'm on it. hard. doing that swing/pull up alt with swing/push up all week. then next week i start my 14 week plan back to glory.

more on that plan tomorrow.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Last Thursday-

5 rounds 6-8 80lb sand bag squats directly to 65 yard sprint
5 rounds 20KG c&p ladder to 15 yards walking lunges with 80lb sand bag.
(rounds 3-5 switched to sand bag shoulder carries- 65 yards left, 65 yards right)

finished with core circuit of alteranting power wheel roll outs and v-ups)



STILL SICK. and hating it. but i am resting and the good news is by the time i'm well, my ribs will DEF be healed so i can do pull ups, TGU's and dead lifts again.


while dying on my couch i made my schedule for next six weeks when i'm well.

i will post it soon.

Friday, December 10, 2010

KIllin's my business and buisness is good....

Got home. Got serious.

5 rounds of-

1-3 double 20KG C&P Ladders
30 yards walking lunges (rounds 1 & 2)
15 yards walking lunges / 15 yards komodo dragon walks (rounds 3-5)

THEN tabata style jump rope- mixing it up with skipping, alt single leg and one-unders

Finished with-
3 rounds 15-20 second powerwheel bridges
3 rounds 8-10 front roll outs

Then went to kajukembo class and got FUGGED UP. (not really, but kind of).

My ribs are still sort of angry so I'm trying to be intelligent and not do any pull ups, dead lifts or TGU's and it is FUCKING KILLING ME! ARG! I miss them oh so much!


Wound up traveling for business-

Got a hotel work out in.

3 rounds of
5 hand walk outs from the wall
6 clap push ups
10 deck squats
10 lunges each leg
20 fast air squats
20 V ups

When got back home did HOC with the wife-
1 mile = 3 laps, Station A and Station B = 3 rounds of A and B
Station A: 20 32Kg swings (wife burpees while i did swings)
Station B: 50 reps jump rope (wife jumping lunges while i jumped rope)

we banged this one out. No rest, hardly any walking last 10 feet to stations. And we ran fast. Finished with power wheel work

3 rounds
8 Steps on Hands-5knees to chest x 3

Wife tried like a champ but couldn't so she did 3 rounds front roll outs.

I really like it that we are working out together sometimes now. I *THINK* i have finally talked her into learning how to swing a bell- we shall see.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Unruly weights

Got a late start but Jonathan and I still got down lifting unruly things last night.

warmed up with
4 rounds of 10 hip-bridge-leg extensions with the powerwheel
4 rounds of 10 knee tucks with the powerwheel

5 rounds of
80lb sand bag clean and press (i did reps of 3, that thing kills me)
max push ups
pull ups (my ribs said no to pull ups so i did chin ups- underhand grip- and those went better but still couldn't do serious numbers)

then finished with 5 min of dragging the 100lb+ tire 150' back and forth.

that tire drag is the real deal.

HOC again today then kajukembo class tonite.

that sandbag is a BITCH. i can put up 80lbs on a bar no problem. i can put up 2 20KG bells no problem, i can get the 32KG bell up with some extra effort.... but that 80lb sandbag tries to make me it's bitch every time. it's shifting and unruly. if you don't have a sandbag, make yourself one- army duffel bag, playground sand, heavy duty trash bags and a shit load of duct tape.
get on it.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Run for your fucking lives!....

H.O.C. with the wife...

Glad she was there. She's a better runner than I am and motivated me to keep moving my lazy ass.

Station A- 50 jump ropes (wife did jumping jacks)

Station B- 20 16KG snatches (wife did mountain climbers)

Ran a mile so 3 sets of each Station A and Station B.

Then went to kajukembo class.

Today will be sandbag pressing destruction, sprints, pull ups (attempted at least, see how the ribs do) and powerwheel work all with my buddy Jonathan.

On a side note, as mentioned in the title of this post: I think running is important as far as *functional fitness* goes. Very important. I'm not a big fan of massive cardio and running for 5-6-10-20 miles whatever. But I think be able to crank out a mile or two or three at a strong, fast pace is essential and sprinting even more so. Why? For the reason above- for the day you have to literally run for your fucking life.
So run people. And be happy that you can. And when you're doing it and you meet the wall, ask yourself if the wall would matter if zombies, ninjas, rabid honey badgers, whatever were behind you. Motivation. Tackling fuel.