Monday, November 29, 2010


powerwheel says what?

powerwheel says- fuck your core, I'ma BOSS.

4 rounds 10 kneeling roll outs
3 rounds 10 knees to chest with feet in straps on wheel


4 rounds
20 32KG swings (4th round did 15 as my back was starting to get wonky)
5 80lb sand bag front squats

5 min 100lb tire drag (pulling forwards then dragging backwards)

This KILLED me. I am PUMPED from doing this. The first set of swings/squats I wasn't feeling it but then my balls dropped and I got serious, put on my war face and charged through the next sets.

I did the swing/squat portion of the workout after thanksgiving dinner when i got home and I got five rounds. I backed off today b/c I wanted to have something left in the tank for that tire drag finisher.


Lola said...

Glad you're back. I had lost momentum and motivation too. And I need to get back on it. Reading your angry badass posts is always inspiring to me and makes me WANT to be a thanks for posting.

Anthony C said...

thanks Lola. it's nice to hear. go get on it and get serious.

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