Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Resolution II FAIL

Resolution II- sort of...

Did round 1 and 2 set of round 2

Round 1
20KG 1-3 C&P ladders x 5
5 pull ups
3R/3L 32KG 1 legged dead lifts

Got to round 2. Did set 1 of C & P, that video of it below, I mixed it up and did double instead of single. Did set 2, was hard. Set 3 I was done, got one rep out on each side.

I did 4 rounds though of the rest of the WO doing 3 more rounds of pull ups and 1 legged dead lifts

Fuck this

Lunch is for pussies. I'm going home and I'm going to put on Bad Religion's "Recipe for Hate" and I am going to destroy myself.

I took yesterday off b/c I didn't get home from office until 7PM and it was a BRUTAL day and I was sore enough from Sunday to not feel lazy. Today though- all bets are off, fuckers.

Sunday, September 27, 2009


Was too sore from leg day wed to do anything. So I rested.

Wound up working until 4 am Thursday nite- woke up at 8:30 to go to office. No workout Friday, not enough juice, would have been a bad idea.

Intervals! 5 min mobility warm up THEN-
10 min of 15 sec work/15 sec rest 20 KG snatches (alt L & R for work rounds)
4 min cool down of stretching and 3 rounds of 4R/4L 24KG windmills
10 min of 15 sec work/15 sec rest 32KG swings
4 min col down of stretching and 3 rounds 5L/5R 32KG side bends

BODY WEIGHT! Me and gravity
4 rounds of 3 shin-to-bar leg raises ( i'm working in descending these slower and really grinding them)

3 rounds alternating between 15 naked warrior push ups and 15 bicycles
3 rounds alternating between 10 ass-to-heals hindu push ups and 20 v-ups
4 rounds alternating between 10 twisting push ups and 1 min F, L, & R planks
1 1-3 pull up ladder will william's style. i only did one. i was done. the full pull up protocol was a bad idea.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Leg Wrecker

My entire lower body is pissed.

4 rounds of 5 double 24KG swings- Hardstyle, bells at chin height (I'm just excited I can get that much weight that high)

Then 4 rounds of

3R/3L 32Kg 1 legged dead lifts
25 yards walking lunges
5 double 20KG front squats
25 yard walking lunges back to 32KG bell

Then 4 rounds 10 box jumps onto picnic table.


Tuesday, September 22, 2009


heavy C&P ladders along with will williams pull up protocol.
3 rounds of 3 rung ladders using the 24KG. the pull up protocol seems to be working if for no other reason that now when I am pulling myself up, the top part of my chest is clearing above the bar instead of just my throat. I was pretty surprised on that myself.

after wards did 30 bicycles, 30 v ups, 1 min front, left and right plank.

Monday, September 21, 2009


was bad. did 4 rounds of 3 shin-to-bar leg raises with slow, grinding descents.
then 5 rounds of 20 hard style swings, getting bell up to chin level
then the will williams pull up protocol. swings destroyed me. had no energy. took all weekend off minus a bike ride.

going to hit it hard today after my weekend of recovering.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Will Williams Pull Up Increase Protocol

The link I mentioned that Sandy Sommer posted on Facebook is as can be found here-


Check it out! Also, thanks to Dom for posting the link as a comment.

Get out there and fight gravity.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

gravity gains

yesterday was BW day.

3 pull up ladders on new rep increase protocol*

4 sets of 3 shin-to-bar leg raises then

10 naked warrior push ups
15 bicycles
10 naked warrior push ups
15 bicycles

10 ass-to-heals hindu push ups
15 v ups
10 ass-to-heals-push ups
15 v ups

2 sets 6 twisting push ups

1 min front plank
5 alt plank push ups a la AOS newport
1 min right plank
5 alt plank push ups a la AOS newport
1 min left plank
5 alt plank push ups a la newport

*new protocol I'm on I read on Sandy Sommer's, RKC facebook post. All pull ups are done from a dead hang, full rep range with top of pull up being throat at bar.
1 rep: rest 30 seconds
2 reps: rest 45 seconds
3 reps: rest 1:30

that is ladder 1. repeat 3 times. when adding the fourth ladder, the rest time increases. i will find link and post it. i thought it looked pretty good and i'm going to give it a shot.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Tear the Roof Off...

Jonathan came over yesterday and wanted to do something short but intense. We succeeded in that by doing 5 rounds of the following with 90 seconds rest between rounds. I used to the 20Kg bells and he used the 24KG bells.

3 double swings into 3 double snatches into 3 thrusters** then drop bells and do 50 yard sprint. Walk back 50 yards to bells as rest.

This was brutal. The sprints after those thrusters was WOW. Get some.

**(Thrusters are with KB locked out overhead, descend to rack on way down to squat, from rock bottom of squat explode back up into a MP press and end with bells in overhead locked out position)

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

"All Fucked Up"

"Well as of late I think I've tripped and gone astray
Maybe I'm no good
Somewhere along the line I've lost my way in life
Maybe I'm no good
Waiting for a better way, waiting for the better days
I've gotta stop pissing my life away
But I can't find any shelter, maybe I'm lost forever
Maybe there's no way out
Not everybody grows up the same
Some have to deal with oppression and rage
When you know you know you've got no way out
you find a way to deal with the pain
It started as a casual fling, I'd take a drink
and everything would seem alright
But now I know I've go no way out 'cause this addiction is with me for life
I used to drink from the bottle, but now the bottle seems to drink from me
Lately when I look in the mirror it's a stranger staring back I see
I tried to find the answer at the end of a bottle while inside I was crying
but I kept on trying
you can't hurt something that's already broken
I've fought the world but now my will is gone
(crash and burn- when will I ever learn)
I've got to stop living my life all fucked up
But I just can't seem to get it right because I'm all fucked up
'Cause I've been living, living my life, living my life all fucked up
For years
I look around and see what's going down, and it's all fucked up
I gotta get out
I gotta get away
Maybe it's too late
Maybe I'm fucked"
- Blood for Blood 'All Fucked Up'

Sunday, September 13, 2009


4 rounds of 3 reps shins-to-bar leg raises for warm up, controlling grind on way down

then 4 rounds of 5R/L chest presses and 5R/5L single leg dead lifts with the 24KG. no breaks and concentrating on total body tension- that makes a huge difference!

finished with 6 rounds of 5R/5L 20Kg snatches and 5 pull ups, 1 min break between rounds.

felt toasted.

Saturday, September 12, 2009


Thursday Jonthan and I did hte swing, press, pull up workout again.

This time we did double swings and cut the reps in half. As many rounds as we could in 20 min.

I used double 20KG's.

10 swings and on 10th rep clean to rack, 5 double MP's then 5 pull ups. Then every round on the pull ups we alternated grips between overhand and underhand.

My legs are dead today- btw from those double swings. Half-ed the reps on the swings but the 30% increase on weight fucked my legs up!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


yep yep. fuck the world. so instead of doing dumb shit- i run sprints.

6 rounds, 1 min break in between

65 yard sprints/10 20KG snatches, 10 yard walk
65 yard sprints/10 20 KG snatches

round 5 there was no sprinting, fast jogging. round 6 i dug deep and, while not a sprint like round 1, it was definitely a faster jogging.

Staying loose on Monday

So sore from Fri and Sun workouts. Had to do something Monday to stave off the wedding diet destruction and make myself feel better.

Body weight core drills.

4 rounds of 3 reps shins-to-the-bar hanging leg raises (i need to get video of these to see if i am doing them right)
2 rounds of
10 naked warrior push ups/ 15 coach maxwell approved bicyces
2 rounds of
5 hindu push ups w/ hip flexor stretches/15 coach maxwell approved v-ups
1 min front plank/ 5 alternating plank push ups a la Newport
1 min R side plank/ 5 alternating plank push ups a la Newport
1 min L side plank/ 5 alternating plank push ups a la Newport

finish with 2 rounds 5 rep L/R side bends with 32KG bell.

felt nice and clean.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Jello Shots

I named this workout Jello Shots because, well, it turned my entire body into Jello.

6 rounds total. 3 rounds of group A and then 3 rounds of group B

Group A

35 yards kimodo walk to 5 double 24KG swings
35 yards walking lunges to 5 see saw presses w/ 20KG's

Group B
5 KB burpees to double 24KG DL's
walk 35 yards to other bells and 5 double 20KG snatches

I wanted to do something ballistic to and from the kettle bells in group B but it wasn't happening. I had to walk. I took strict 1 min break between rounds. Get some.

Fuck Yea Friday

I constructed a workout with my friend Jen Bryan, RKC via google chat. I went home and did it. It was HARD.

4 rounds

5 double 24KG KB swings into
5 double 24KG front squats (i only got 3)
6 super burpees (burpee into a pull up, i alternated these reps, 1 overhand, 1 underhand)

This sucked. Hard. I took video of round 4. I will put it up soon.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Destruction commences...

in about 2 hours. I cannot wait. I am going to eat today's work out like I crash landed on a plane with it in the Andes and we are out of food.

Thursday, September 3, 2009


3 rounds

20 24KG swings
5L/5R renegade rows with push up in between each row
4R/4L 24KG windmills
3-4 double 24Kg cleans
then bicycles for R1, v ups for R2 and 1 min front, L, R planks for R3

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Yes yes yall

Jonathan came over and we got serious.

We did 20 min of the following

20 swings
5 double military presses
5 pull ups

We alternated to keep a good pace. I would start my swings when Jonathan got to pull ups. We were also using some of same weights. Jonathan is a monster of a man so he was singing 32KG and pressing with the 24KGs. I was swinging the 24KG and pressing with the 20Kgs.

We got through 6 rounds in 20 min. I could have done 7, I had a 1.5 min left after round 6 and I could have blazed through one more round, running from one drill right into the next but I decided to keep it in the bank for today.

The workout felt great. Presses were strong. Pull ups even stronger. I am thinking about doing my Navy Seal Fit Deck today as I haven't done it in a while and I am of the opinon that pull ups have improved. The NSFD will be a good base line for that as that damn workout is almost ALL pull up drills. We shall see.