Monday, November 29, 2010


powerwheel says what?

powerwheel says- fuck your core, I'ma BOSS.

4 rounds 10 kneeling roll outs
3 rounds 10 knees to chest with feet in straps on wheel


4 rounds
20 32KG swings (4th round did 15 as my back was starting to get wonky)
5 80lb sand bag front squats

5 min 100lb tire drag (pulling forwards then dragging backwards)

This KILLED me. I am PUMPED from doing this. The first set of swings/squats I wasn't feeling it but then my balls dropped and I got serious, put on my war face and charged through the next sets.

I did the swing/squat portion of the workout after thanksgiving dinner when i got home and I got five rounds. I backed off today b/c I wanted to have something left in the tank for that tire drag finisher.

Sunday, November 28, 2010


A lot of life going on. I deal with it like I always do- I lift harder and heavier. Until it gets too much and then I drink harder and heavier.
I've got my head back on and have almost dropped all of the 10lbs I gained in booze weight.
I know I know I know...

It's been 4 months since I've updated.

Here's what I've been doing since I pulled my head out of my ass and left my pity party.

H.O.C. with 2 stations of swings,
max pull ups in 10 min (I;m back in the 50's, still looking for the elusive 60) walking lunges
frog jumps
full range C&P's w/ the 20KGs
dragon flags
assorted leg raises
did the 200 swing challenge in November with about 60% success rate- started with the 20KG and then removed my training bra and started using the 32KG.
sand bag squats with Mean Green (80lb bag- FUCK THOSE)
hang cleans to push presses with my olympic bar with 115lb-120lbs for sets of 3-4
and i got a powerline power wheel- this thing is amazing. i've been doing it everyday. i almost did 65yards yesterday walking on my hands with it after doing 5 rounds of walking 30 yards with it. the drills done on your back are also so much harder than they look. it's my new fave toy

yesterdays workout was as follows
1-3 20KG C&P ladder
30 yard powerwheel hand walk to other KB for another 1-3 C&P ladder
did this for five rounds.

then 5 rounds of 30 yards walking lunges/30 yards frog leaps

finish with 55 yards powerwheel hand walking
1 mile fast walk cool down.
was a great workout.

i started taking kajukembo and its been great. i really really like my instructor. he's a great guy, very very skilled and a good teacher. been doing it for about 2 months now. 3 weeks ago i got my ribs bruised pretty badly sparring and busted my foot open. my foot is finally mostly healed but my ribs are still pissed. b/c of my ribs, i've been limited to what I can do-
pull ups are hard
dead lifts are off the menu
and no really heavy weight over my head or TGU's.
also b/c of my foot, I haven't been able to run either.
i'm working with what I can. i really want my ribs to heal so I can start eating pull ups for breakfast, lunch and dinner again- then I can get back to advanced pull variations.

expect more dispatches- it's good to be back.