Tuesday, June 29, 2010

WK 2 D1

I didn't get my 3rd workout of the week in last week. I'm kinda pissed at myself but it wont happen again so onwards and upwards.

Yesterday we got serious and started adding weight.

I haven't deadlifted in like 4 months+... ouch! Adding weight was humbling. When I was doing it weekly, I got up to 5x5 at 275-280. I did 205 yesterday and it killed me. So sad. But I'll get it back. The floor press is humbling too but I am going to make progress on it over the next two weeks.

I am sore as HELL today. Was a good workout. When we got in I couldn't pour myself water b/c I couldn't stop shaking all over- AWESOME! WIN!

5x5 DL starting at 135, then to 165, then 3 sets at 205.

floor press 3-6 @ 135lbs
mixed grip pull ups to max

hammer curls w/ 30lb DB
push up to max reps

4round ab circuit of 15 each (v-ups, windsheild wipers w/ 135 on bar, planks, alt leg raises)

farmers walks w/ two 24KG bells 2 rounds of 120 yards


Thursday, June 24, 2010



yesterday was war. WK1 D2 on the beast manual. and it was a BEAST

5 rounds back and forth of
24KG KB squats 5x5-10 reps (supposed to be sandbags but i dont have a new one yet)
100 yard sprints
(this made me want to puke hard)

2x 50' walking lunges w/24KG bell (again supposed to be sandbag but didn't have one)
after this i DID puke, twice

3 rounds
handstand push ups to max (which is about 1 half-assed and then holds)
body weight rows x 10 (supposed to be with a rope but i dont have a rope yet)

THEN the finisher- holy fuck. 5 min straight 100' sled drags, NON-STOP, 100' forwards, 100' backwards....
used a 129lb tire i have with a little rope on it, had an old broken KB handle, tied rope to it and had a brutal sled. dragging that fucker was awful. killed me. KILLED me. 5min of it was torture. LOVED IT.
today is a well deserved off day of eating and resting and tomorrow is WK1 D3... keep it coming!

Monday, June 21, 2010


that's right motherfuckers!

No more periodization for me! Was a great 2+ months and made a lot of progress, esp on pull ups. Got up to 59 in 10min. Swings improved over 20% in #ers in 10min workloads and that was in my heavy weight. On my light weight it was closer to almost 35%.


Now I am tackling Zach Even-Esh's year long Underground Beast Manual - http://undergroundstrengthmanual.com/beast/

It is a year long program. Started D1, WK1 today at 7am with my buddy Jonathan who is going to go through it with me. I am not one to workout in hte morning but for it to happne for Jonathan, that's when it's going to have to be. Given that, today went really well....
Week 1 is setting up and getting used to the movements, week 2 will be setting records, week 3 will be BREAKING THEM and week 4 will be de-loading. Then onto a new 3 workouts for the next month. Today was

DL 5x5 w/ 135lbs

1A- floor press w/ 135lbs 4x 4-5
1B- mixed grip pulls to max (front, reverse, hammer grip and wide)

2A cheat hammer curls w/20lb 2x8 (first time I have done any kind of curl in about 8 yrs)
2B push ups max 2x14-15 strict military push ups

4x15 ab circuit (alt leg raises, v-ups, leg raises, planks)
assorted farmers carries

I want to put on 10-15lbs over this year so I am going to sleep MORE, eat MORE, eat a little cleaner and drink LESS.


Thursday, June 10, 2010

no im not dead...

I have been doing this periodization workout and i keep it written down in a notebook AND I've been so busy at work that the blog has suffered...
next week I finished the second 6 week cycle of this workout and then, I am making a year long commitment to Zach Even-Esh's 12month Beast Workout. My friend Jonathan is going to take the plunge with me. I'll update as that goes along and I'll take before, during and after pictures. I'm actually really excited about it.
We shall see.