Friday, February 29, 2008

Thursday on the Field "Light Day"

I was really feeling it from the first part of this week so I was going to take it light- which I guess I did, sort of.

We did a "W" workout, 1st KB station TGU singles, 1 a side, jog to 15 pushups focusing seriously on form, jog to tire and do 2 flips, jog to burpees and do 5 burpees, jog to other 24KG KB and do 3R/3L windmills, jog to jungle gym and do 5 pull ups. rest 1-2 min.

repeat W formation 3 times. I had NO GAS doing this. By the third set I wasn't jogging, I was walking. I felt smoked.

After that, Justin did some light, light sparring with me- letting me work on my trapping and mvoement. I haven't practice in 3-4 years. My hands were great- my footwork was dog shit. It's gone be a long road back.

I am NOT doing anything Saturday or Sunday except maybe jog or ride my bike. My body needs a break. I am sore sore sore. Sometimes you have to turn it off.

Thursday, February 28, 2008


I was going to do Providence but it was too nice outside so I did my heavy pressing day instead. 5 ladders or 4 rungs. Next week I kick it up to 5 rungs and see how many ladders I can do.

After that I did some fun fun fun field exercises. I did 30 yards crab walks, jog back 30 yards komodo walks, jog back. Repeat 3 times. After the 3rd round of the komodo walks I was ruined.

I finally, as promised, got the komodo walks on video. I made my wife get video tape it for me. The lighting isnt optimal but heh! I got it done. See here-

I also got Chip Conrad's (from -Body Tribe Fitness) book Lift with your Head. I read the first 2 chapters. Pretty awesome. I would recommend it if you're into fitness and if you like waxing philosophical etc.

Thats what I got.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Making it Count- Tuesday on the Field

Justin, Jared and I got started early before Jonathan and Luis got there. We did a "prequel to summer" workout that's a summer favorite of ours and is really simple-

550lb tire in the middle of field. Flip tire 3 times in a row, 30 yard sprint to fence, 30 yard sprint back to tire. Repeat until vomiting ensues.

We broke it up a bit by doing one set a time instead of 3 sets in a row each. So i did my 3 and sprint, then Justin, then Jared and we repeated it that way until we had done 5 sets each.

Jonathan and Luis showed up then and we switched to HOC.

3 laps (i missed first one due to wife getting home and having to check on something)

Lap 2 jog, 10 bw squats, jog 5R/5L squat thrust to snatch, jog to tire 3 flips

Lap 3 (put on hte 40lb X-Vest) jog, lunges, dragon lunges and squats (about 10 each) SPRINT 10 burpees, SPRINT, take off vest 1 tire flip.

Sprinting with that 40lb vest on was THE REAL MOTHERFUCKING DEAL! So hard. I was screaming during the last sprint. I was also screaming during the 10 burpees with it on. I love it!

I am sore today but an going to do AOS Providence but with the 16KG instead of the 20KG. Bring it.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Riding away the day

Today at work I coundt generate momentum. I went out cold calling. I talked with some people about some endevours I am thinking about doing personally... then I said FUCK IT and called Jonathan since it was his day off and we went on a 25mi bike ride at the Memorial Park loop. Havent dont that it in a while. It was awesome. Kept an avg pace of about 17-18 mph. Burned about 1500-2000 calories (whihc was accidentally more than I ate beforehand so I am now STARVING and making dinner).

No KB's today and I think I'm going light the rest of the week. Using the 16 on Providence and Newport and really going for it.

Just an idea.


Went on 3 different bike rides today. Was an amazzingly gorgeous day. I love my bike.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Saturday AM

I did Providence this morning for the second time all the way through. In some respects it was easier this time around. I did better on all the rounds, had to take less breaks, my form was better... over all was just better. EXCEPT after I was finished I felt smoked for the rest of the morning. I am talking total muscle failure for the next 4 hours. Shaky things, tight shoulders, weak abs... the works. Feel better now but I guess because I did MORE of the workout, I got MORE of the benefit so I was that much more worked.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Drinks & the morning after payback

No field fun day for me. Had to go to cocktail party for work. That's one set back of commercial real estate- you do A LOT of socializing for work and that socializing involves drinking. I'm not complaining too much but when I got home at 7:30, I was not working out ( the scotch & soda would not have been a good work out partner). Then wife and I went out and met some friends. Got home. Passed out.

Felt like a looser this morning for being a lazy bastard so I took the time to try Newport. I used the 16KG as recommended as I have found out from Anthony D and AOS Providence that I am not an "extremely athletic male" ( which I think translates into being something akin to special forces, elite black ops, Jason Bourne shape)...

I did half of the DVD- the first 4 rounds. It was awesome. My abs are currently FUCKED. Again, pouring sweat, heaving, cursing, hating/loving- all at the same time. I really really like Newport. It's more fun to do than Providence ( not that Providence doesn't make me feel like a bowl of Jello- 'cause it does)... It's that Newport seems more dynamic and uglier. There is also probably something there that has to do with it being " only 8 rounds" where as Providence is like 15 or something... Now mind you, those "8 rounds" are all 3-5 min which is where the rubber hits the road but in my head- it SOUNDS shorter.

Side note- I HATE working out in the morning. My body tries to revolt. David and I tried a year and a half ago to get into the habit of hitting the bells at 6-6:30AM and we just couldn't stick with it. My body would not work. It was like running in peanut butter. Newport this morning wasn't like that. It was hard but not harder than it would have been at 5:00PM. Now question-is it true that working out in the AM, just after waking up, is better for your metabolism b/c you are burning storage vs what you have accumulated during the day? Anyone? Thanks.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Going through the motions

Today was a long day at work. I got home late. The weather totally sucked ass. And I was really sore from Mondays awesomeness and Tuesday's field attack. I wasn't going to do anything and then I remembered it was medium day on the new pressing routine so I banged out 5 3-rung ladders while cooking dinner.

We are hitting the field again today and I will get some video footage of the newly dreaded komodo walks. Friday is light day on the pressing and Saturday will be my second attempt at full run through on AOS Providence.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

It was a psuedo-full house with me, Jonathan, Justin, Jared and Luis for fun fun fun on the field. We warmed up with single tire flips, each of us rotating through in a line. We walked the field both ways doing that so about 140yards worth. Then we got down to good old fashioned body weight excercises mixed with cardio. We did

20 push ups- 60 yards bear walking- 20 push ups- 60 yards crab walking

30 yards wheel barrow walks then switch jobs and 30 yards wheelbarrow walking back

then it was time for fireman's carries (we do this at a brisk jog) 70 yards with Luis on my back (hes about 160) then Luis carried me back 70 yards to starting point. We did this twice. Being carried is just as much work as carrying b/c you have to keep your core so tight so you dont vomit. After two rounds of being carried I was pretty close.

Next up walking lunges with kettlebell or vest for 35 yards. I used the 20KG KB. Then it was drop the KB and komodo walks (see below on komodo walks) the rest of the 35 yards to the end of the field. Then we walked the 35 yards back to Kbs and repeated 35 yards walking lunges back to start. I used the 40lb X-Vest on the way back. We were finished and smoked.

Komodo walks are the devil. Explaining it will be difficult but Justin was a college football palyer and they made them do these. I'm going to give it a try and when I fail I wil just put up some video of Justin doing them...
Imagine being in a pushp up position. Bring your left knee up to your chest and put it out to side so your hip is dropping toward the ground. Then your left hand moves forward away from your body so now your left knee is about even with your right hand and your left hand is on ground out in front of you. Your chest is off of the ground and your right arm is bent at about 90 degrees, supporting your body weight like bottom part of a push up.... from there you walk. right hand and right leg move forward and left and knee stay planted so you end up in reverse position.... then repeat.
SERIOUSLY THIS IS SO HARD. RUINS your arms and core. I know that verbal description sucked so I'm going to get Justin to demo it for some video footage on Thursday and I'll get it up on here. It's WOW.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Sunny afternoon...

The weather was awesome. Left work early b/c I was in a bad mood. Worked out. Felt better.

Started week 2 of my pressing cycle. Got to 5 ladders of 4 this time w/ the 20KG. Progress. It was hard, my shoulders were on fire and so swollen when I was finished.

Went inside and threw on AOS Providence and did some practice rounds. I did all the "lower body" rounds so I did-

1legged dead lift round
squat/sumo dead lift round
windmill/overhead squat round
squat flip ( i did high pull catch variation) round
tactical lunge round
abs round

By this time I was pouring sweat, my lower back was super fatigued, my legs were shaking and I was in a better mood. I love these DVD's and I havent even actually TRIED any of the other ones yet.

Today is cardio day with the tire.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Rusty Bed Springs....

are what my body currently feels like it is composed of... I am sore. REALLY FUCKING SORE.

AOS gets its revenge on me today.

I am humbled again.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

AOS DVD's Arrive in the Mail and I Proceed to get Serious

My bundle pack of Providence, Newport and Firepower showed up in the mail yesterday afternoon. I watched through them to check them out. I did Providence this morning with a 20KG KB... it was awesome and hard. I was dripping with sweat and I feel like I have been beaten all over with hard rubber bats.

The hardest parts were the overhaed squats (its a range of motion issue for me), the presses (b/c I am on that pressing routine right now and already sore from pressing), 1 1L deadlifts (the way he does them in the video is not how i usualy do them and it felt wierd), and the triple crush. I cannot crush a KB like that. Its like my hands are too small. I even got my 16KG to try it with that- wasnt happening.

On a 1-10 scale of hanging in there with him I'd give myself about a 7.5. I'm pretty excited about these workouts and where they are going to take my muscle and cardio endurance.

I think I'm hooked...

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Presses, X-Vests, Bear Crawls and Curveballs

Today was great until life put it in me- hard. Got a call out of blue on a deal that closed a month ago and there is a serious problem. I am not happy. So after I knock out medium day on pressing routine (5 ladders with 3 rungs, 2 min rest between ladders)... I did 30 yards bear walking and 30 yards back crab walking to warm up and then repeated that twice in a row back to back wearing the 40lb X-Vest. Then I jogged a 1 lap (.32mi) with the X-Vest then took it off and ran as fast as I could 1 more lap (.32mi). Then I had to go get dog food adn get back in time to start V-Day preparation and somehow between that get in a better mood- I am still not there.

That X-Vest is the devil though and I am excited about where this pressing ladder program is going to take me.


Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The Ultimate Ultimatum Workout- ( A version of upper body day)

So I did a version of upper body day today. I say a version b/c tomorrow is my medium day for new pressing routine (its the Ultimate Ultimatum b.c I did it while watching the Bourne Ultimatum with the wife- its lame but i fucking LOVE those movies)... any way so I did 5 rounds of 5 slow-grinding floor presses with 2 24KG's alternating with bottoms up swings 5R/5L... those thigns felt really heavy tonite. Don't know why but it just wasnt happening. After I was finished I felt lke I had done soething but was unsatisfied. i tried to let the feeling pass but it didn't so to get rid of it I did 10 min of 1min on/1min off work on swings. So thats about 40 swings using hte 24KG. The first and third go on the swings I did 20R/20L and on the 2nd and 4th I did 40 2H straight through. Got my heart rate up and my forearms cramping- made me feel better.

Side notes- got my camera charger situation taken care of today so expect more exciting audio-visuals... like it matters AND maybe some pics of my giant new leg tattoo. Also I found out I can do pikes on my 24KG KB's ala Anthony D on the cover of Newport ( I think its Newport) and SPEAKING OF NEWPORT... my AOS DVD bundle pack should be here sometime tomorrow or Friday... VERY EXCITED about that.

So My Other Blog Disappeared

Not sure where it went but its gone. So I made a new one.... I am sort of pissed b/c I had that thing for almost a year and I was really excited to track some progress. MOTHERFUCKER!

I guess if that is worst thing that happens to me today I should be stoked. So stoked I'll be...

Yesterday was cardio day so we did Ross's "Magic 50"- as previously noted on my other blog i fucking HATE that workout. It demoralizes and mocks me b/c it SOUNDS so easy but it is so hard. This time, however, I didn't run out of gas until the middle of the 4th round. I'll take that little personal victory.

Today is upper body. Tomorrow is medium day on the pressing.

Now I have to send out the new blog address to the 10 people who might care.